With spring come dreams of a bright-red yard tractor

Raymond and the red Massey Ferguson

Found: possibly the perfect little tractor for Raymond and the Manse!

As many of you will know from first-hand experience, spring seemed today to have, at last, arrived. As I drove home to Queensborough from work late this afternoon the sun was shining, the snow was melting, and the Corolla’s external thermometer was registering 13 degrees. (That’s about 55 in Fahrenheit, for you American folks.) After the brutal, bitter winter we’ve endured, this feels kind of like paradise.

Thanks to the sunshine and the pleasant temperature, the Manse’s front yard as of this writing is perhaps 35% snow-free. (Not so much the back yard, where snow still covers about 95% of it. But we’ll get there.)

But anyway, just seeing a bit of grass, yellowish and dead and muddy though it may be, gets one thinking about the summer months, when there is yard work to be done. I know I complain about yard work sometimes (like here and here), but right now, at the tail end of this obnoxious winter, I can hardly find anything more appealing to think about than being outdoors under the warm sun raking up leftover winter debris from the grass, or planting herbs, or weeding the flower garden.

Now, as I’ve written before, we have a fairly spacious lawn – which means there’s quite a bit of maintenance to be done. Our neighbour John does a great job of cutting the grass, but at some point maybe Raymond and I should get our act together and do it ourselves. (Or not.) And in the fall there are a lot of leaves and evergreen needles to pick up. And sometimes there are fallen branches or piles of dirt to move and – well, you get the picture. Yard puttering.

My cousin Bruce has suggested (in a comment on my post here) that the best thing ever for yard puttering (and snowblowing) is a small tractor. And in fact, a while back Raymond was eyeing a used (and modified) tractor that was for sale south of Madoc, but it’s long gone. I’d kind of tucked the thought away into the back of my mind, but was reminded of it this past weekend when we came upon the extremely cute bright-red Massey Ferguson tractor that you see Raymond with atop this post. Is that not just the bee’s knees, people? We found it at the display of very well-regarded local car and farm-machinery dealership McKeown Motor Sales of Springbrook (or is that Spring Brook? You can see my post on that topic, which references McKeown’s, here) at the Quinte Home and Lifestyle Show in Belleville. That adorable tractor had a front-end-loader bucket and a little wee backhoe; I can’t really see us needing a backhoe, but the good news is you can get it without it, and it’s (no surprise) cheaper that way. Meanwhile, you can also get other attachments, like a blade for plowing snow – and I wouldn’t be surprised if a snowblower was an option too. And you could have a trailer, and – well, just think of the possibilities!

Red truck and oil tank

As you can see, the Manse already has some nice red accents!

And on top of that, the tractor is the brightest red (my favourite colour) imaginable.

So not only would Raymond have a wonderful time putzing around on it, but it would match both his pickup truck and the Manse’s oil tank!

What could possibly go wrong with this plan?



6 thoughts on “With spring come dreams of a bright-red yard tractor

  1. Oh you are so lucky to see bare ground. We diverted to New Brunswick on our way home, a chance to play with our twin grandboys. Well, Mother Nature abhors lazy snowbirds who have “gotten above their raising” We spent an extra night in Freeport ME to avoid a vicious blizzard in NB but ended up here for an extra night due to the biggest snowfall that I think I have ever seen! The snow is so deep that short men like me are required to wear long whip aerials with red flags. I digress, Get yourself that tractor. Nothing denotes the country gentry north of seven like an “estate tractor.” P.S. remember to insure it as an extra because that is beyond a homeowners lawn tractor.

    • Good lord, if it’s the biggest snowfall you’ve ever seen, that is saying something! Because we’ve been known to have impressive snowstorms here north of 7 over the years. Yikes! But thanks for the encouragement on the tractor front – I have of course passed it on to Raymond.

  2. Where do you put it when not using it? Who maintains it? Will it outlast the cute and adorable phase and become another mechanical responsibility? Just sayin’. I’d get it with the baby backhoe. Country living. I can think of several ways it would come in handy.

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