Thank you for listening!

Tweed library event

I was shocked, but very happily so, with the turnout for my talk tonight (that’s me at the right, just before starting to speak) in the Friends of the Tweed Library‘s Writers Series. Thank you so much for coming! (Photo by Raymond Brassard)

I promised all the nice people who came out to hear me speak at the Tweed Library this evening that my 682nd post here at Meanwhile, at the Manse would go up before the night was over. What I didn’t tell them was that it would feature them! But it does, because it’s my way of thanking them for coming out.

I was so honoured (and humbled) to see all the chairs filled for my contribution to the Friends of the Tweed Library‘s Writers Series. It was fun to speak about the adventures of Raymond and me here at the Manse, the renovation challenges that lie ahead, my memories of my happy childhood here at the Manse, and most especially all the wonderful stories that have come out of the contributions you readers have made here. Many old friends (and even some family) were there tonight, and I met lots of new people too – several of whom had great Queensborough lore to share. It was a delightful evening.

I thank the Friends for inviting me to speak, Queensborough’s Elaine Kapusta for her lovely introduction, the Friends’ Pauline Weber for her kind words at the end, library CEO Cathy Anderson for helping us get organized, the refreshments detail for the church basement-style egg-salad sandwiches – and most especially all of you who made the trek to come and listen. You folks are the best!

It was the kind of event that reinforces a thousandfold my feeling that returning to the Manse is – after marrying Raymond, of course – the best thing I’ve ever done.

12 thoughts on “Thank you for listening!

  1. Sorry we were just home from away and had too much of getting our house in order. Otherwise we would have been there.. I believe in those 682 postings there is a book trying to get written.

  2. Hi Katherine, my wife Charlene and I enjoyed your presentation, I did not get a chance to say hello afterwards, so many people, but Raymond of the red pickup truck was not so busy so I chatted with him, I was pleasantly surprised that he knew of me ( I have only commented twice on your blog), also the egg salad sandwiches were great !! Keep writing, we enjoy reading. thanks Bob McKeown Stirling ON

  3. Thank you for coming to Tweed, Katherine. It was a wonderful evening & one of best audiences ever!

  4. You did it, and of course, did it well!!… Sounds like a wonderful experience for all! – – So glad you had a ‘Full House”… great testimony to you and your topic… I so wanted to be there… alas, only in spirit… I totally agree with “gng” that there is a forthcoming book here-in, and in the entire return to the Quinte Area!!… Wonderful accolades from the evening, this blog, and friends near and far, bear truth to that and much, much more!… God Bless!

  5. Enjoyed your talk on Thursday….I have a number of blogs that I read (including yours) and I am amazed by what I learn from them. Keep blogging!!!

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