The Ham Supper: friends and food, and a whole lot of pie

Pies in waiting

Look at this pie selection, people! And as each piece was chosen and devoured, a steady stream of replacements kept coming out of the kitchen. It was like magic!

Tonight was a good one for Queensborough, and a good one for me. It was the St. Andrew’s United Church Ham Supper, an annual spring tradition for as long as anyone can remember, and lots of people came out to enjoy good food and some excellent socializing. It was especially good for me because it was the first Ham Supper I’d attended at St. Andrew’s in very close to 40 years, which now that I think of it is an alarmingly long time. (It was 39 years ago this coming summer that my family moved away from Queensborough as my father, The Rev. Wendell Sedgwick, took up duties at a new pastoral charge outside Campbellford, Ont.)

I had volunteered to help at the supper, and I did help to some extent, but a brutal head cold that hit me like a freight train late this afternoon left me less than my usual super-energetic self. And because that same cold now leaves me wanting to do nothing besides go to bed, I shall spare you many of my words this evening and just show you a little slide show of the supper.

I will mention, though, that it was absolutely delightful to renew some very old acquaintances this evening – I even met The Rev. Bob Wallace, who had gone to divinity school at Emmanuel College at the University of Toronto with my late father, and his wife, the former Olive Holmes, who grew up in “the Rockies” east of Queensborough – and to spend some time with newer area friends.

Also: I stand in absolute awe of the volunteers at St. Andrew’s and the job they do putting on these suppers. When you get behind the scenes you see what an extraordinary amount of work it entails – organizing, cooking, setting up, cleaning up afterward – and it is quite something to see how it all runs like clockwork. Oh, and finally: do these people ever know how to produce a lot of delicious homemade pie!

Here are some photos, as promised:

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4 thoughts on “The Ham Supper: friends and food, and a whole lot of pie

  1. Doh! I knew about it and meant to go and completely forgot when we had a short-notice showing of our house late in the day. Next year?

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