The umbrella we needed

Once we got home to the Manse this evening, I asked Raymond to display the umbrella that had appeared out of nowhere just when we needed it – thanks to some kind (and efficient) neighbours.

Folks, a very quick post tonight because the head cold that struck me last night has now chosen to go nuclear. But before I hurl my achy and sniffly body into bed (and while I sip the last of my NeoCitran), I wanted to tell you about a charming thing that happened to Raymond and me this evening.

We’d been invited to dinner at the home of our Queensborough neighbours Ed and Jen (which perhaps I shouldn’t have attended given my state of health, but I hated to cancel). Seconds after we began the half-block walk over there from the Manse, it started to rain. Suddenly, just as we passed the home of our closer neighbours, Chuck and Ruth, their front door opened and there was Chuck, handing us a great big umbrella. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. And neither could the thought. That, my friends, is what I call neighbourliness. Thanks, Chuck and Ruth!

2 thoughts on “Neighbourliness.

  1. My Grandsons and I have also been offered the umbrella, allowing us to get home without getting soaked. We were walking around the block and an unexpected down pour started. We also journeyed on with some of Ruth’s tasty cookies.

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