Happy anniversary to us!

Chanel in my chair

A bag of Chanel waiting for me in my morning-coffee chair at the Manse: is that not just the best way to start the day on one’s wedding anniversary?

I got a lovely surprise this morning when I emerged from (I am not making this up) close to two solid days and nights of sleep, brought on by a monster head cold. It was good to feel something close to human again, and what a delightful way to re-enter the human state: there was an anniversary gift on the rocking chair where I sit! And it was Chanel!

Today is the sixth anniversary of the day Raymond and I were married in Montreal. If you like, you can see a wedding photo in this post. When I wrote that post, on this date a year ago, I noted how astonished we both would have been if, on the day of our wedding in 2008, someone had told us that a few years hence we would be the proud owners of my childhood home, the Manse in Queensborough. Well, I can now safely report that if you had told us when I was writing that post a year ago that by the time of our next anniversary we would be living full-time at the Manse, we would also have been flabbergasted.

But here we are. And there is Chanel! (Very possibly a first at the Manse.) I love Chanel No. 5 perfume, which is about as classy as perfume gets, if you ask me. And I adore it when I am surprised by a gift of Chanel No. 5. So Raymond was off to a very, very good start.

And guess what – there was more! In the Tweed News, no less! In the top left-hand corner of Page 9 of this week’s edition was this little ad:



No doubt it had a lot of Tweed News readers scratching their heads. Not me! Obviously I recognized the date as that of our wedding; and W.S. can be none other than our mutual favourite William Shakespeare. (The lines are from Venus and Adonis.)

This is not the first time Raymond, veteran newsman that he is, has used the power of the press to convey a romantic message. There was a surprise Valentine’s Day message, also in the Tweed News, a year ago. Since I’m a veteran newswoman, these messages are doubly meaningful.

I have to say, as I sit here comfortably at our Manse, that I feel like I have the best husband ever. And isn’t that just how one should feel on one’s wedding anniversary?

6 thoughts on “Happy anniversary to us!

  1. I hope to be one of the first to send you a Happy Anniversary “comment”. Our very best to you both. Raymond, you sly dog! That is so romantic to use your local paper to celebrate your love. Now, a tip to you Katherine. I’ll bet on such a special day, a shiny red tractor would be the way to repay such a loving husband.

    • Thank you so much, gng! Your suggestion of the shiny red tractor as an appropriate anniversary gift for such a thoughtful husband is a brilliant one, save for the small matter of the missing several thousands of dollars… But I will work on it for next year!

  2. Wishing you both an enjoyable Anniversary. Happy to hear your feeling better and back with the living. And smelling so lovely in the meantime. 🙂

  3. Happy anniversary, and best wishes. What a lovely gift, the Chanel — always a timeless classic. I thought of you today as I passed Emmanuel College. Across the road, the poor old Planetarium has seen better days, I must say.

    • Thank you so much, Sash! Oh my goodness, with your mention of Emmanuel and the Planetarium you have conjured up a whole period of my life, when I lived in residence at Annesley Hall… a century ago. (Literally.)

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