Enjoying the social scene

OHara Mill auction

Prince Edward-Hastings MPP Todd Smith (right) was the guest auctioneer. Unfortunately for us, that ever-so-cute miniature tractor went for rather more than we could afford.

Before this spring rolls any further along, I thought I would tell you briefly about a pleasant evening Raymond and I spent recently in support of a good cause, the O’Hara Mill Homestead and Conservation Area. That’s a place in Madoc Township where there are historic buildings to explore, restored farm machinery and implements in full working order, and lots of gardens and trails to walk through and enjoy. (I wrote about a Christmas event at O’Hara’s here.) It’s been a popular place since I was a little kid growing up at the Manse, when we would go on school excursions to O’Hara’s. Today a hard-working group of volunteers raises the money and does the work to keep the operation running very smoothly indeed, and a couple of weeks ago these volunteers held a fundraising dinner and auction at the Madoc Township Recreational Hall.

Raymond and I joined a good-sized Queensborough contingent at the event and had a thoroughly nice time. A humdinger of a roast-beef dinner was served (they really know how to do roast-beef dinners in these parts; in this case we had the women of the Harts-Riggs Women’s Institute to thank for the bounty and deliciousness), but I have to confess that the real highlight of the evening for us was the auction stuff. As regular readers know well, we love auctions!

This was primarily a silent auction, with the walls of the rec centre lined with all kinds of goods that had been donated for the cause. It was fun doing the rounds, checking out the merchandise on offer and seeing whether your own most recent pencilled-in bid was holding up or had been bested. Needless to say, after a glass of wine (or maybe two), the item that you’d once vaguely thought you might like becomes something you absolutely have to have, and so your bidding gets higher and higher and (as others compete with you for it) – but the money is of course all for a good cause.

Mini New Holland tractor

It would have been perfect for Henry!

There was also a live auction, with our local MPP, Todd Smith, serving as the amateur auctioneer. He’s not likely to give Boyd Sullivan a run for his money any time soon, but he was a good-humoured host and everyone had a fine time. Raymond and I were only a bit sorry to see this adorable little pedal tractor (which we had thought would be just the thing for Raymond’s grandson Henry) go for considerably more money than we were prepared to spend.

But we came away from the silent auction with three (!) original paintings, with which we are very pleased:

Our paintings

This is Raymond with our haul of original paintings. Not bad for a night’s work!

And we met some new local people, and rubbed shoulders with some old friends, had a great meal, and all in all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

I think I could get used to the rural social scene!

2 thoughts on “Enjoying the social scene

    • You have a good eye, Elinor! That’s an interesting piece of Madoc folk art that we paid a fairly large amount for at the silent auction, but just couldn’t resist. I think it will be the subject of a separate blog post one of these times.

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