And when they got there, it was spring.

Green grass, red truck

Green grass, red truck, blue sky. The sun is out and spring has arrived at the Manse!

Day lilies by the garage

The day lilies are showing their usual profusion, down in some nice rich soil behind our little garage.

Raymond and I have just returned to the Manse after spending a long Easter weekend in Montreal. I’ll tell you another time how dazzled I was by the sights and sounds – and tastes! – of the big city after a very long, cold, trying winter here in quiet little Queensborough. But oh, it is good to be back home at the Manse today.

And what was especially nice was that, after our long drive through cloud and drizzle and occasional heavy rain, the sky when we got to Queensborough was bright blue, and the sun was shining.

It was spring at the Manse.

Something poking up

Here is something poking up in the flower garden. Yay!

The grass in our yard has suddenly turned bright green; there are buds on the trees; day lilies are poking up down by the garage, and the garden is showing signs of life.

Spring is a very nice thing to come home to.

2 thoughts on “And when they got there, it was spring.

  1. “Oh to be in Queensborough, now that spring is here.” A bit of a paraphrase I know but it is so true! Wherever the heart is, that is home.

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