A lovely surprise to start the day

Pussy willows

Look what appeared on the Manse’s front porch this morning!

You know, people are so nice here in Queensborough. I’ve said it many times before, but things just keep happening that make me say it again.

This morning, for instance. I was bustling out the door at about 7:30, on my way to work, appreciating the brief bit of sunshine we were getting before what apparently will be many days of endless rain, when suddenly I noticed something on the little table that’s on our front porch. A cheerful bright pink box of flowers! With pussy willows!

I’ve always loved pussy willows. I remember how when I was a kid growing up here at the Manse, I used to try to spot them growing by the side of the country roads around and about. How did someone know that?

And who is that someone who quietly delivered this lovely surprise to our front porch? I have a suspicion, but I very deliberately haven’t looked into it before writing this. I rather like sharing the story before I have an answer to the mystery.

Such a delightful mystery! Thank you so much, whoever you are!

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