A friendly four-legged visitor

My new doggy friendI think I might have said once before that when I was a kid growing up here at the Manse in Queensborough, not only did you know everybody in the village; you knew their dogs (and the names of their dogs) as well. I am trying to achieve that level of local knowledge again, and I think I am making progress. For instance, soon after I did this post about a visit from a happy and friendly beagle, I learned that the beagle is Abby, who belongs to our neighbours. Abby is now my pal, and I love it when she comes around.

The other day Raymond and I had a new doggy visitor, and he (I think it was a he) was funny and delightful. Funny because he decided that the very best place for him to curl up and take a nap on one of the rare sunny spring afternoons we’ve had was on the warm sand and gravel right beside our mailbox. And there he stayed for quite a while, amusing us no end. Here he is:

Dog at mailbox

Finally I made the effort to make friends, and really it wasn’t much of an effort. Over trotted Doggy and we had a nice chat and some good rubbing of his floppy ears:

My new friend

After which I went back into the house because it was naptime for us – and Doggy returned to his own napping position beside the mailbox. For a while, anyway. At some point he must have ambled home.

But not before making some new friends at the Manse.

4 thoughts on “A friendly four-legged visitor

  1. Have you seen this friendly one since that time? Any idea where he lives? I hope he will be careful when he makes his rounds, as cars sometimes come around corners a bit suddenly. He looks like a real pal — somebody’s best friend, no doubt.

    • I think he lives up the road from us, Sash, and ordinarily he stays up there. Not sure why he was able to amble on down to the Manse on that sunny afternoon, but I was tickled that he did. He’s a big ol’ good dog.

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