Packing them in for pancakes

Pancake Breakfasters in Queensborough

Most of the seats were full most of the time during this past Sunday’s Pancake Breakfast at the Queensborough Community Centre – the historic former schoolhouse. It may have been a cold and dreary day outside, but inside all was light and cheery and smelling of freshly fried up bacon and sausages. Yum!

A quick post tonight to report – for those of you who weren’t able to attend – that the annual Pancake Breakfast at the Queensborough Community Centre, held yesterday, was a smashing success. I’m sure I am not alone among Queensborough people in saying that it did my heart good to see so much activity in our little village, and so many people enjoying a splendid meal and community gathering at our historic one-room schoolhouse. The turnout was a pleasant surprise even to organizers who are used to a good turnout, and everyone had a great time and ate very well.

Another thing I was thoroughly impressed by – as I have been at so many functions in Queensborough, like when hamburgers, hot dogs and homemade pie are served up to kayakers who come down the Black River as part of the Marmora Area Canoe and Kayak Festival, and at the St. Andrew’s United Church Ham Supper – is how hard-working and unfailingly cheery are the volunteers who cook and serve the food, clear tables, sell tickets, set up ahead of time, clean up afterward, etc. etc. etc. And the efficiency! It has been astounding for a newcomer like me to watch how that well-oiled machine swings into action when it comes to these events that have been going on for some time. It’s like everyone just knows what to do without being told! While I stand in the corner like a dunce, trying to figure out how to make myself useful. But hey, I figure that next year, with a bit of experience under my belt, I’ll be a better and more useful cog in that well-oiled machine.

Anyway, here are a couple of photos of some of those hard-working volunteers. I should explain that the tradition at the Pancake Breakfast is that the cooks and servers are men from the community, and that’s mostly whom you see; but I can safely assure you that lots of women worked hard that day, and in the days leading up to it, as well!

Pancake Breakfast outside crew

Here are some of the “outside crew” – outside the kitchen, that is – getting their trays restocked with freshly cooked pancakes, sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs and home fries.

Pancake Breakfast inside crew

The kitchen detail, with hard-working Frank Brooks on pancake duty. That man makes perfect pancakes every time!


4 thoughts on “Packing them in for pancakes

  1. Not sure. I like em thicker, topped with butter, bacon and maple syrup…Now thats a groaning table. Katherine. I think I’m ready to start a blog on Leeds & Grenville. Thinking of word press or posterous. It’ll be my Leeds and Grenville jaunts including Brockville. a third written, the rest photos. Rural observations and heritage. Kinda like my Gazette days. Thoughts ?? Might use this shot I took yesterday at a little farm called Merryweathers for my signature photo. PS I have a guest book from a manse I picked up at an auction (ND perhaps 1930’s) Only 2-3 pages written in. Phone me when in the area. I’ll put it aside for you.

    • That’s fantastic, Gordon! Your photos documenting the back roads and the heritage of Leeds and Grenville will be a precious resource, now and in the future. You must let us know when the blog is up and running! (P.S. I highly recommend WordPress.) As for the manse guest book – wow! Raymond and I were saying the other day it’s been too long since we popped in to Brockville, so we’ll try to do that before too long.

      • Is Posterous still around, Gordon? I found some stories online that said it had been shut down. As for WordPress, I’ve had my frustrations with it from time to time, but the problems have always been surmountable thanks to their help sites and the internet generally. And they keep making it easier to use all the time.

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