Beautiful new street signs, made right here in Queensborough

New Queensborough signs 2 Today was an exciting day in Queensborough. Why? Because our new street signs went up!

I wrote about the making of those signs here, but today was the day they actually got installed. Raymond and I were out doing errands in Madoc and Tweed early this afternoon, and when we got back home to the Manse I squealed in delight and surprise – “They’re up!” – to see them.

The signs have been designed, manufactured and erected in a project undertaken by Queensborough’s Beautification Committee, but I must make special mention of the person who actually made them: Jos Pronk, proprietor of Pronk Canada – Queensborough Machine Shop. Jos (his name is Dutch; in case you’re wondering, or happen to meet him when you visit Queensborough, it’s pronounced “Yoss”) is the guy who, a fellow Queensborough person once told me, “can make anything” with metal – and proved it when he made a very cool car, which I wrote about here. And all right here in Queensborough! Jos’s shop is in the historic former Sager’s General Store in “downtown” Queensborough; he and his wife Marykay have also made a beautiful home in that great old building.

Anyway, the signs: they are in two colours, brown for the names of streets and blue for the names of community buildings (St. Andrew’s United Church, the Queensborough Community Centre):

New Queensborough signs 1

Here are the new signs at the corner of Queensborough and Bosley Roads. The building in the background is one of the oldest in the village; it was part of a blacksmith’s shop once upon a time.

And the street-name signs feature an oval photo of the prettiest spot in our pretty hamlet:

New Queensborough signs, detail

It’s an autumn photo of the place where the Black River flows over the dam by the former mill that is the very reason Queensborough exists. (The village grew up around a grist mill and sawmill established on the site in the 1840s.)

Here is one more photo showing the new signs at the heart of the village, with that same grist mill in the background:

New Queensborough signs 3

I think all of us in Queensborough – people were out inspecting, you know – are pretty happy this evening with these beautiful new signs. And I will conclude with two thoughts:

#1: Jos and the Beautification Committee deserve a huge round of applause for their wonderful work; and…

#2: You now have no excuse for getting lost in Queensborough!

6 thoughts on “Beautiful new street signs, made right here in Queensborough

  1. Our little community is surely shinning with all the care it receives. We have a great bunch of volunteers and dedicated people who want to put Queensborough on the map. Now they surely will not get lost while visiting like you said Katherine. I am bias when it comes to Jos’s work because I believe with all my heart what his capabilities are. He puts in his all when it comes to his work and his skill and dedication is his upper most concern when pleasing his customers. I know with the street signs he put extra care in the design and manufacturing of them and took all winter getting them ready for this day. I am proud of his work and have met a person who is unique in his own way. He fell in love with Queensborough so many years ago and coming from another country he saw the beauty the little village had to offer. Now with all the beautifying that is being done we can all be proud to invite anyone to come and visit. We all have community pride!

  2. I actually wanted to comment on your new header…..which shocked me w/ the flag being displayed. I hate to say this, but its NOT a very Ontario thing to display a provincial flag…or any flag for that matter. I have traveled extensively in North America and I’m always surprised by how few of them there are here. In NS and in the U.S. you see them all the time. But they’re conspicuously absent here.

    • Well, we came NOT from Ontario, Mark! We do have a Canadian flag that flies out there quite a lot, but have also picked up some other ones for significant days. Passersby at the Manse can watch for the Scottish flag on St. Andrew’s Day, the French tricolore on Bastille Day, Quebec’s fleurdelisé on la fête nationale (St. Jean Baptiste Day), and the Stars and Stripes on the Fourth of July. We have yet to get a Union Jack for St. George’s Day or a Welsh flag for St. David’s Day, but that will come. Any other suggestions?

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