One brief shining moment

Anglican church and fields, late-day sunlight

The surprise late-day sunshine shining on the steeple of the former St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Queensborough, and on the marsh and farm fields that surround it. This pretty scene is right around the corner from Raymond and me at the Manse.

Don’t you love it when, after a long day of clouds and rain, the sun suddenly emerges in the early evening? I think it’s especially nice in springtime in the country, when that late-day sunlight enhances the thousand shades of green that one sees all around, in the buds on the trees and the fresh new grass and the gardens and the fields.

It happened this evening, and I think it suggests an auspicious beginning to the long Victoria Day weekend. (Or, as reader Sash reminded us in a recent comment, the “May 24th weekend,” as we always used to call it. Except it often doesn’t seem to converge with May 24 in this crazy modern era. How did that come about?)

The back yard in the sunshine after the rain

The late-day sun shows off all the shades of green in the Manse’s back yard. Note our old and decrepit Manitoba maple in the centre of the photo, in the process of sprouting leaves and becoming the old dancing lady for yet another season.

As I was taking a few photos of the surprise sunshine over Queensborough this evening, a famous (thanks to the Kennedys) musical phrase came into my head: “For one brief shining moment…”

And I wondered: Could this time at the Manse be, for Raymond and me, Camelot?

(I know Raymond will laugh when he reads that.)

Anyway, while we’re pondering the question, let’s listen to the tremendous and much-missed Richard Burton, who for one brief shining moment on Broadway was the monarch of that magical place:


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