A local hamlet pays tribute to its history

Thomasburg invitation

If you happen to be in or near the Thomasburg area this coming Saturday (May 24), you owe it to yourself to stop in for a visit. Not just because Thomasburg – one of the hamlets, along with Queensborough, that is part of the larger Municipality of Tweed – is a pretty little place, but because there’s a good thing going on Saturday at 11 a.m. Which you can see for yourself from the invitation at the top of this post.

It’s the unveiling of a sign commemorating the history of Thomasburg, which is a very historic place. This is a project that the members of the Thomasburg Beautification Committee (all volunteers, of course) have been working on for some time – you can read a post I did a while back about the project here – and it’s wonderful to see their efforts come to fruition.

Now, as it happens, I have an advance (electronic) copy of the sign, shared with me by new friend Carol Martin, one of the key movers behind the project. And I can tell you that it’s beautifully done, and tells you all kinds of cool stuff about a historic little part of Hastings County. Because I like you readers so much I am going to share it, but only as a sneak peek; I don’t think the image is high-resolution enough that you can actually read the words. Here it is:

Thomasburg sign

If you want to actually read this sign, and learn all about the historic Thomasburg spring and whatnot – not to mention enjoy some pleasant community interaction (and refreshments to boot!) – what you need to do is hie yourself off to Thomasburg on Saturday.

Because, you know, we all need to celebrate the history and sheer quiet wonderfulness of this beautiful place we live in. And the people who work so hard to make sure we remember that history, and appreciate the wonder.

6 thoughts on “A local hamlet pays tribute to its history

    • It was my pleasure to spread the word about this important heritage project, Carol! I’m just sorry that Raymond and I had to be out of town and were unable to attend the unveiling of the sign. but you can be sure we will be coming to Thomasburg to check it out. Congratulations again to you and the other volunteers who made it all happen!

  1. What a great write-up! I live in Thomasburg. In fact an early 19th century photo of my house is on the new sign. I applaud the work of the Thomasburg Beautification Committee. They are doing a great job!

    • They sure are, Carol. Every small community needs such people to push for beautification and heritage preservation – two things that make life better for everyone who lives there!

  2. Hi there Katherine,
    Attended the dedication of the Thomasburg plaque this morning.
    A great occasion.
    The Beautification Committee deserves a vote of thanks, as does the municipal council and its rep, Tim Horton’s (for coffee and cookies) and the community members who attended. Nice to see Peter and Carol Snell, as well as Evan Morton, Carol Martin and others.
    Gerry and Bev Boyce of Belleville

    • I’m so glad you were able to make it, Gerry and Bev! I am sure it meant a lot to the members of the Beautification Committee to have none other than the greatest historian of Hastings County (that would be you, Gerry) in attendance at their event. I am so sorry that Raymond and I had to be away weekend and thus were unable to be at the unveiling. But it’s great to hear that the event was a success!

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