Because everything’s better with flowers

Queensborough Road planter

One of the planters that have in recent days been quietly installed on Queensborough’s new street signs. How nice is that?

So there I was, down on hands and knees and doing some real true gardening work on this beautiful sunny, warm, not-too-buggy day here in Queensborough.

Monster root

The challenge that I still have to overcome in my garden: the root (of some big thing or other) that runs deep. Very deep.

Aside from an unsuccessful attempt to remove a monster root (photo adjacent; and believe me, I will win the battle with this root), all went extremely well. In one whole section of our garden I managed to completely clear out what may or may not have been weeds. That is, some of the stuff (clover and grass) was definitely weeds; other things I came across (plants with kind of heart-shaped leaves that seemed to be crawling everywhere) may or may not have been – but I made an executive decision that they were bugging not only the hostas and the phlox that had been planted in that area but (more importantly) me, and ripped them all out. Everything was looking much better as a result.

As I was stopping and admiring my work and feeling rather proud of myself, I noticed that there was some activity down by the recently installed Queensborough street sign just south of the Manse.

And there were Queensborough Beautification Committee members (and our excellent friends and neighbours) John and Anne, with a truckload of gorgeous hanging planters! They were installing one of them from the sign that tells you where you are if you find yourself at the intersection of King Street and Bosley Road in our little hamlet. (Which would more or less be the location of the Manse.) Other such beautiful planters have, thanks to the committee, appeared in recent days on the rest of the new made-in-Queensborough street signs. But Raymond and I were so thrilled to see that the sign closest to us would also get one. And here it is:

Planter at King and Bosley

Mind you, our reward/challenge for having this planter overflowing with blooms nearby is: to care for it. I promised Anne that I would, and that means daily watering. People, for a rookie gardener such as myself, this is some serious responsibility! Because it’s not just about my own garden; this is a community project. What if every other street-sign planter in town looks awesome, and the King/Bosley one looks dry/withered/awful?

Pressure, people. This is gardening pressure. But I am going to rise to the challenge, no matter what.

Meanwhile, and far more importantly: let me echo what I know many other people in Queensborough are saying and thinking, and thank, yet again, Anne and John, and Jos and Marykay, and all the people responsible  (which includes the councillors of the Municipality of Tweed, who have given some money for the purpose) for the fantastic new street signs, for their hard work and commitment to making our pretty little hamlet as pretty as it can possibly be – and for challenging gardening-challenged people like myself to help out by hauling out that watering can. It’s all good!

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