Also – the year of the mosquito.

mosquito1Remember how I announced in last night’s post that it seems to be the year of the bumblebee here at the Manse? Well, bumblebees are not the only flying insects in very large supply this year. Not to put too fine a point on it: the mosquitoes are insane.

Yes, I know it was just a very short while ago that I was complaining about blackflies. And indeed, they were terrible. But people, they came and went and are now only a distant memory. The mosquitoes, on the other hand, arrived at what to my mind was an unseasonably early juncture – while the blackflies were still with us, making outdoor life a double misery. And they arrived in large numbers. And they show every sign of planning to stay for while. I hate mosquitoes, as I suppose does everyone. Raymond really hates them, as he does basically all bugs but especially those that sting and bite.

But here we are, out in rural Ontario in the middle of what looks to be a banner year for mosquitoes. Got any coping tips, people?

And hey, do you suppose bumblebees eat mosquitoes?

12 thoughts on “Also – the year of the mosquito.

  1. Put up a bat box. We tried, but none came. We do, however, have a squad of dragonflies that patrol at dusk, but we need many more. It is quite noticeably more intense down here, too.

    • We’ve been talking about a bat house, Nicole, and there’s an excellent chance we’ll give it a try. There used to be lots of bats of a summer evening here at the Manse (back when I was a kid), but no more. It would be wonderful to bring them back, and not just for mosquito control. Though some mosquito control would be very welcome!

  2. these pests are the strongest between 8:30pm and 9:00pm. Try to stay indoors at that time. Also insect repellent is a necessity.
    Nancy Lou

  3. Go to the Marmora Farmers Market on any Saturday and get some of Lorraine’s “Skeedaddle” insect repellant at the Mahonia booth – all natural ingredients including geranium oil, lavender oil and many others. Slather it on when you’re outside, and you’ll be nourishing your skin as well as repelling mosquitos. She makes great soaps, too. She was featured in a recent Country Roads magazine. And when mosquitoes make their way into the house, you’ll get good at clapping your hands madly in various directions!

    • Ah yes, the dreaded deerfly. And then of course the horseflies, which always go after you when you’re sweaty or enjoying a nice swim. Wait a minute – why do we live here again? Ah yes – because there’s August, when the bugs pretty much clear out.

      • I always preferred August up north, too, Katherine, for that same reason. Wide-brimmed hats are just the ticket when the deer flies arrive.

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