Make way for goslings

I thought you might enjoy this little video I took a couple of evenings ago down by the millpond on the Black River here in Queensborough. Raymond and I were visiting our friends Elaine and Lud, who live there, and on heading out to the car noticed two big Canada Geese down by the water. It was only upon closer examination that we spotted the whole family of little goslings. They were so cute it almost made you feel good about Canada Geese again!

Anyway, when I approached the Goose Family to take a picture, Mum and Dad quickly and professionally herded the mob of youngsters into a straight line and marched them away. Mum (or was that Dad?) at the head of the line, a whole row of babies, then Dad (or was that Mum?) pulling up the rear. Impressive!

Just another example of all the action there is to catch in downtown Queensborough of a late-spring evening…

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