Beautiful irises, and they are ours, all ours!

Manse garden, a spring Saturday with iris

The first iris of the season, on the first morning it bloomed. I took the photo early last Saturday, a stunningly beautiful spring day. I am proud to note that the photo kind of shows off the rest of the garden too. (Not to mention the Tim Horton’s cup on the arm of the Adirondack chair in the background. Did I mention that it was early?)

This evening as I was watering our young maple tree and elm tree, and my recently planted phlox, a neighbour stopped by and complimented me on our flower gardens. And you know, I just beamed with pride. Because I am proud of the Manse’s perennial gardens. I can take no credit whatsoever for them being there; that praise goes to the green-thumbed parishioners of St. Andrew’s United Church who took charge of the gardens back when the Manse still belonged to the church. (That is, before Raymond and I bought it in January 2012.) But now that we live here full-time, I’ve given over as much time as I can find to weeding and looking after the gardens, and they are looking nice, if I do say so myself. (Well, actually, my neighbour said so too. So there.)

And so this evening, because I am feeling chuffed about the gardens, I give you some photos of the irises. Our very own irises! The first one bloomed early last Saturday morning, and you can see it in the photo at the top of this post. But more have come since; here’s a photo I took just this evening of the latest arrivals:

More Manse irises

And of course it’s not just about the irises. Our herb garden is looking very healthy, and those newly planted phlox are coming along nicely. And did I mention that I have plans to plant peonies? Meanwhile, Raymond is busy laying in the bags of black earth and sheep manure to help things along.

This gardening thing kind of grows on you, doesn’t it?

12 thoughts on “Beautiful irises, and they are ours, all ours!

  1. Your garden is lovely. I have purple irises and they smell like a grape drink. See if yours do!
    I think Betty S. Helped with that garden. You might ask her Sunday.

    • I just went out and did the Iris Smell Test, Nancy Lou, and I can’t detect any grape-drink scent from ours. You must have special ones! You are right that Betty had a lot to do with the garden at the Manse. Which means she is a good consultant when I need help!

  2. Glad to hear that gardening is growing on you! It’s a vary satisfying hobby, and no one will ever know about the failures (they disappear from view if not from memory) unless you write about them in your blog. Love the new manse photo on your blog – really shows off your developing gardens!

    • I’d never thought about it before, but yes, the idea that no one (save oneself) knows about one’s garden failures is very appealing! You can try and fail and no one (except you) will know. That is seriously good stuff. Meanwhile, thank you for the nice comment about our gardens – it means a lot from an accomplished gardener like you!

  3. These are beautiful, Katherine. I love Irises. I’ve seen some of the yellow ones recently, and even a few white ones, but I think the purple ones are my favourite. Is that a peony bush in front of the white chair on the veranda? Your garden is looking amazing, very lush and it’s starting to fill in. We should enjoy every single moment of this beauty while we have it.

    • Hey, thanks, Sash! You are so right about enjoying the beauties of the garden, because they do pass so quickly. Fortunately for us, the wise garden-planners of the Manse arranged it so that just as one plant fades, another one starts to bloom. And now, because we are here full-time, we get to enjoy it all! In answer to your question, no, no peony bush yet – but that is totally next on the list!

      • Upon taking a closer look, the red bud that I thought I saw on that “peony” bush is actually the red oil tank showing through the greenery!

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