The way church-basement tea ought to be served

Fire-King cup and saucerI picked up this cup and saucer today at a yard sale in the nearby-to-Queensborough hamlet of Actinolite. I got it for 50 cents, and truth be told I wouldn’t have paid any more than that for it, because I don’t really like the style, even though it is a member of the highly collectible Fire-King family. But I bought it not because it’s Fire-King (though that doesn’t hurt), but because it’s exactly the cup and saucer that all of us of a certain age have drunk tea from at church-basement luncheons and suppers from here to eternity – or Kaladar, whichever comes first. Open the cupboards in any still-active rural-Ontario church kitchen and chances are good that you’ll fine dozens and dozens of these white-with-gold-trim Fire-King cups and saucers. They are just waiting to be filled with high-test church-basement tea (the stuff that’s so strong and dark that you can’t tell till you taste it whether it’s tea or coffee) to be enjoyed as the accompanying beverage while one consumes a ham supper or turkey supper or those wonderful, wonderful church-basement sandwiches that I can never get enough of.

Will I ever use my newly purchased vintage cup and saucer here at the Manse? Probably not. But I’m glad I have it, as a reminder of that church-basement tea that tastes extra good in those white Fire-King cups and saucers.

2 thoughts on “The way church-basement tea ought to be served

  1. Good morning Katherine, had to laugh when I read this blog. Just last night, Charlene and I hopped on my motorcycle and headed north from Stirling to St Marks Anglican Church in Bonarlaw, why?….for a church supper. A lasagna supper, complete with caesar salad, buns, meat or spinach lasagna, coffee, tea and of course a full table of deserts including pie and squares, all you can eat for $12 per adult, and all served by friendly people ….After finishing way too much food I was served 2 cups of the exact beverage you are referring to, “church basement tea”, where else but in the church basement, great tasting strong tea, served in a clear plastic gallon juice pitcher, and yes, the tea was so dark it looked like coffee, not sure if it was a fire king cup or not (not my area of expertise)…..a great meal finished off with a cup of tea……doesn’t get better than that……Bob

    • You are absolutely right, Bob – it doesn’t get better than that. I’ve seen ads for the church suppers at Bonarlaw, and by the sounds of your report, Raymond and I had better hie our way over to the next one!

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