Sieste (the former indoors cat) is now the classic in-and-out cat

Sieste surveying her domain 2

This is our cat Sieste, surveying her new(ish) domain – the Manse’s yard, in Queensborough. I believe she is satisfied with the empire she is quite sure she rules over.

Once upon a time (as longtime readers will know), Sieste the cat lived in a condo in Montreal and spent 99.9% of her time indoors – as, we are told by the cat-veterinarian experts, it is better for cats to do, for their own safety. Indoors there are no dangerous wild animals that could harm them or give them rabies, and especially there are no vehicles that could mow them down in the street.

But then Sieste moved (with Raymond and me) to the Manse – you can read about how brilliantly she performed the move here – and now she is in a tiny, quiet place (Queensborough) that is about the farthest thing from Montreal. A place where her home (the Manse) is surrounded by a large lawn with all kinds of interesting things to smell and walk through and generally explore. And Sieste loves to do that. Which is very sweet to see, because she is an elderly (and totally deaf) cat, and it’s lovely that she gets to enjoy these cool new experiences so late on in life. Here are a few snaps:

Sieste checks out the truck

Sieste on the prowl

Sieste loungingAnyway. This cat who used to be strictly an indoors cat has, because of her newfound love of the great outdoors, combined with her love of home and the humans who pet her and most importantly give her FOOD – is now a classic in-and-out cat. As in: “I want to go out!” “No, wait a minute – I want to come in!” “Oh – are you (the humans) going out? Then I want to go OUT.” “Umm… one of you went in for a second. I want to come IN!” And so on.

No one has expressed the in-and-out-cat situation better than Garrison Keillor, the writer/radio host/English major who is the ringmaster of the venerable Public Radio International show A Prairie Home Companion. Thanks to reader Jim, who drew it to my attention in a comment on an earlier post, I have laughed at Keillor’s deathless ode to the in-and-out cat over and over again, and now I need to make sure you all see it too. Watch it and laugh in recognition if you have (or have ever had) a cat; but please scroll down afterward, because then you will see some newly classic Sieste.

Okay, here is In-And-Out Cat:

And here is Sieste, this very evening, really, really sure that she wants to come IN:

And that, people, is our very own in-and-out cat. We love her to death.

4 thoughts on “Sieste (the former indoors cat) is now the classic in-and-out cat

    • Hey Jim (and other readers), sorry about that – I had the wrong setting in the video. You can now hear Sieste’s I-want-to-come-in yowl (all three seconds of it) in all its glory. Meanwhile, thank you so much for sending me the story of dear feral Merlin – a cautionary tale indeed.

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