A woman who brings honour to our neck of the woods

Carol Martin in the Intelligencer

How exciting to see, on the front page of Saturday’s Belleville Intelligencer, a familiar face, that of Thomasburg’s Carol Martin – because she had been named to the Order of Canada!

How often is it that you get to say that someone you know has just been awarded the Order of Canada? Not all that often, I bet. But this evening I am thrilled to tell readers who haven’t already heard that Carol Martin, a resident of Thomasburg – one of the hamlets that, along with Queensborough, make up the GTA (the Greater Tweed Area) – is one of the newest members of the Order, having been named on July 1.

If you’ve got a good memory for names, you might remember that I’ve mentioned Carol before here at Meanwhile, at the Manse. That’s because she was a driving force behind the creation and erection of a sign commemorating the history of pretty little Thomasburg, and I wrote about that excellent project here and here.

I also know Carol through her work with the Friends of the Tweed Library, a group (which now includes Raymond) that brings authors to the library for readings and meet-the-writer events. Which is a very appropriate pursuit for her because, as the front-page writeup about her Order of Canada achievement in this past Saturday’s Belleville Intelligencer notes, Carol has devoted all her adult life to the publishing world and to promoting the work of Canadian writers specifically. (You can read the Intelligencer article detailing her accomplishments here.)

Raymond and I were so pleased, and so happy for Carol, when we heard the news. I keep saying that a lot of remarkable people live in our neck of the woods, and Carol Martin is one very illustrious example. Please join me in saying: Congratulations, Carol!

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