In my love for funky old things, I am not alone


Do you know instantly what this is? If so, you might be as interested as I am in the Facebook group I grew up in Peterborough Ontario (70’s and 80’s). This picture of some awesome Spirograph work was posted there by Michelle Walke Swan. Thanks for the memories, Michelle!

A big shoutout tonight to reader Bob McKeown of beautiful Stirling, who recently put me on to a Facebook group that – well, maybe it won’t change my life, but it sure makes me feel like I am not alone when it comes to a fondness for relics from midcentury central/south/eastern Ontario, where I grew up.

The Facebook group is called I grew up in Peterborough Ontario (70’s and 80’s) and you can find it here. (There is a separate group called I Grew Up In Peterborough Ontario 50s and 60s, which is, let us say, also not irrelevant to my past.) Now, I didn’t grow up in Peterborough (and neither did Bob), but my maternal grandparents moved there from Toronto in 1969, and over the years I spent a lot of time in that pleasant little city that’s only about an hour away from Queensborough. And, as Bob pointed out in his email to me, you don’t need to have grown up in Peterborough to appreciate the site’s posts harking back to fun stuff from the past, and the comments on them.

Rather than going into great detail, I’ll let those who are interested check out the Facebook groups for themselves. But perhaps I can whet your appetite with a few photos from the ’70s/’80s group, all of them posted by Kirb Scott, who clearly has a great eye for timeless stuff:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hey, if those don’t take you back, you must have grown up in a galaxy far, far away from mine!

10 thoughts on “In my love for funky old things, I am not alone

  1. Katherine, I still had one of these and the last time our yoiungest son was home he asked if he could take it home for Emma to play with. It was one of the large sets. Barb Martin

  2. I loved Spirograph when I was little! Still do, actually. A young co-worker got a tiny spirograph inside her Kinder Egg the other day and let me play with it at break-time. Makes me want to buy my own Kinder Egg!

    • I did too, Karen! My gracious, I’m trying to picture one that would fit into a Kinder Egg – that’s very cool. I looked up Spirograph just now and I see it’s still being made, but of course the packaging is all changed – and not for the better. Then again, I see a fair number of vintage (i.e. from my era) on eBay

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