Let’s bring back that flagstone walkway

The old footpath

Do you see those roundish dents in the Manse’s front lawn? They are its way of telling me, “The old flagstones are under here – dig them up and put them on show again!”

If you looked closely at the old photo from 1965 that I featured at the top of last night’s post, you might have noticed the flagstone walkway that ran from the front porch of the Manse down to a gate in the fence that surrounded the yard at that time. In case you failed to do a visual-memorization exercise with the photo, here it is again:

Melanie and me at the Manse, 1965

I’ve written before about how I would like to have that flagstone walkway (and funky old gate and fence) once again. And the thing is, I am quite certain the walkway is still there – it’s just buried under some sod and grass. I even discovered one of the old stones one memorable day. This summer in particular, the indentations in the front lawn where the flagstones used to be are more noticeable than they have been (to me, at least) in the previous two summers since Raymond and I bought the Manse. I’m pretty sure that under each of those indentations is a small flagstone.

It’s like they’re sending me a message: Get on this project, Katherine!

2 thoughts on “Let’s bring back that flagstone walkway

  1. Our son, Ian, is currently planning a flagstone walk at his cottage. We will keep you abreast of the progress and the problems he encounters. …GnG

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