When was the last time you saw THIS product?

Sani-WhiteAh, people, the things I do to amuse you. How much money have I spent buying vintage-y things just because I think they will bring a clap of recognition to readers, and hopefully put a smile on your face?

Ah well, it’s money well spent. Case in point: today’s entry.

I spotted some boxes of Sani-White recently in one of the booths at the Stratford (Ont.) Antique Warehouse, and – well, speaking of claps of recognition! Man, that was a product I hadn’t seen or remotely thought of in many a decade, yet that blue box brought it all right back to me. The whitening up of the white baby shoes that every baby wore back when I was a kid – wow. In fact, I think when I got to a certain age (6 or 7-ish?) I might even have been given the task of using the Sani-White to brighten up the shoes of my baby brothers John and/or Ken. I can kind of picture my small self doing it in the kitchen of the Manse, actually.

And hey, the price on the Sani-White was right too. Look:

Sani-White price

Of course I must emphasize that 49¢ was the original price. I think I paid $6 when I bought the box in July.

But, like I said – $6 well spent. Hope it made you smile!

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