Yes, I can (occasionally) throw old things out.

The mailbox in the dump

I post this photo only to show those of you who’ve been reading this blog long enough (or know me well enough) to suspect that I am a hoarder of things from my past. Sure, I’ll grant you that I tend to keep stuff that I think might be of interest at some point in the future, or that holds sentimental value for me. And yes, there are times when it does seem like our household has a few too many such things in it.

But I can throw things away! Sometimes. Witness our rusty, squeaky old mailbox, shown here just after Raymond and I had deposited it at the Tweed dump (which is actually in Stoco) and just before we drove off. I mean, talk about sentimental value! I am pretty sure this was the mailbox my father erected way back in the days when my family lived at the Manse and I was growing up here. That it’s the very mailbox that we kids had to shovel out whenever there was a snowfall, to make sure the mailman could get at it. And there’s not only the long-ago sentimental value; there’s also the fact that this is the mailbox that, in early 2012, first told the world (or Queensborough, at least) that Katherine Sedgwick and Raymond Brassard were the proud new owners of the Manse.

But like I said, the mailbox was pretty rusty and squeaky; when we opened it to check the mail I’m pretty sure everybody in Queensborough could hear it. And so we decided we should get a new one, and we did. And it too now bears the names Sedgwick/Brassard so that the world knows where we live.

The old one sat in the Manse’s back porch for many months, but about a month ago we decided its time had come. And off it went to the dump.

I am very proud of myself for letting it go, and thus clearing out the space it occupied. There’s a lot more of that kind of thing that needs to be done around here.

Do I regret it?

Of course I do. But only a little bit.

10 thoughts on “Yes, I can (occasionally) throw old things out.

    • Never fear, Dave, I did check! As for a trip to the dump – I kind of think you are saying that (about how enjoyable it is) with tongue firmly in cheek. For one thing, can you believe how far us Queensborough folks have to drive to get there? Crazy!

      • Yep, 25 km each way to the Stoco dump. Perhaps that is why there has been an increase in road-side littering near Queensborough the past decade or so.

      • Which is why I for one voted enthusiastically in favour when the municipality asked us if we were interested in having (at a tax cost, of course) municipal garbage/recycling pickup. I was horrified when the proposal went down to overwhelming defeat. Good grief! One truck picking up everybody’s trash and recycling, instead of all of us driving separately to the dump, burning up all those fossil fuels in the process? I thought it should be a slam-dunk decision, but no. And every time we go to the dump I am sickened to see truck after truck after car after truck making the trek, and burning up all those expensive fossil fuels and messing up the environment in the process. It also burns me up (so to speak) to see the lucky residents of Madoc Township, starting just on the western outskirts of Queensborough, being able to put out their trash and recycling for easy, environmentally friendly pickup each week. Can someone remind me why, if we had to merge with another municipality, it was not neighbouring Madoc Township instead of faraway Tweed?

      • Most of the councillors for Elzevir were from Actinolite [thus, south of 7] and identified far more strongly with Tweed & Hungerford Twp than with the village of Madoc & Madoc Twp. I do not recall that the residents of Elzevir were ever consulted regarding their preferences for municipal amalgamation.

      • The proposal was defeated by 90% vote. Perhaps the anticipated fee of $200/year was a critical factor. I must admit I voted against it because I don’t need the service as I visit the dump only a couple times per year. Instead, I use a trebuchet [] — well, actually a smaller version called a Yard-A-Pult [SNL – season 15, episode 4]: I load it up with bags of garbage and fling them over the horizon. Out of sight, out of mind!

      • I bet a lot of people burn more than $200 a year in gas to drive all the way to the dump and back! And when you add up all the fossil fuel being burned by all those big pickups heading to the dump (vs. how economical it would be to have one garbage truck pick up all the trash… well, don’t get me started.

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