Why I love my husband, reason #4,312

Supper at the Manse

Tonight’s late supper at the Manse – almost too pretty to eat. But eat it I most certainly did.

In a comment on one of my recent posts (you can find it here), a reader (and friend) said: “Hang on to Raymond, I think you have a treasure there!” And you know, I could not agree more. Especially after this evening.

It has been a long day for me: a very early start; a drive to Kingston (about an hour and a half from us here in Queensborough); a day-long teacher-training seminar; a drive home in torrential rain and wind (soaked to the skin because of having had to fill up the gas tank at the start of the trip); and then a meeting that both Raymond and I attended of the Queensborough Community Centre committee to plan an exciting event coming up soon. (More on that in a future post.) By the end of the meeting I was more dead than alive, believe you me. Really too tired to write a blog post, in fact. Still hungry, though.

And what did Raymond (who is a good cook) put before me at that juncture, for our late supper at the Manse? Why, the beautiful spread that you can see in the photo at top. It is Shrimp and Egg Smørrebrød: shrimp and sliced hard-boiled eggs in a dill sauce, garnished with alfalfa sprouts, all atop leaves of Boston lettuce on lightly toasted rye bread. Now how nice is that? I mean, it was so beautiful to look at (accented by our Blue Heaven china, of course) that I could hardly bear to bite into it. But of course I did, and it was delicious. I wolfed it down.

It brought me delight, both visual and gustatory. And it made the whole long, hard day right again.

Not only did Raymond agree, 2½ years or so ago, to embark with me on this possibly crazy adventure of buying my childhood home, and then actually moving here, but he also does lovely things both large and small – things like tonight’s supper – all the time. A treasure indeed.

9 thoughts on “Why I love my husband, reason #4,312

  1. Another reason why north-of-seven husbands resent Raymond. He makes us look bad! Common on, Raymond, you spoil her.

  2. Raymond’s a keeper, to be sure. But he’s setting the bar higher with each of these gestures. Can he sustain the behaviour? Will he crack under the pressure to improve upon it? Stay tuned…

  3. Wow!!!
    Please don’t tell my wife about Raymond’s skill in the kitchen or I’ll be drafted for cooking duties here at our house.
    Enjoy your blogs, as always.

  4. My late father was intrigued by the idea of Smørrebrød; I’m not sure why, but there were SO many things about him that were slightly odd.* To put it mildly, (and politely) he was a bit of a “character.” I imagine my mother did not share his enthusiasm. He was the idea man when it came to trying out new foods. She actually had to prepare the food and I suspect that she just as soon just give all that silliness a miss.

    *Not to say Smørrebrød is odd; it’s lovely but it would have been decidedly odd to shop for the ingredients in Cornwall ON in the 1960’s……….”yes, I’ll take a nice Scandinavian style loaf of rye and a small jar of capers, if you have it……” They would have thought you had dropped in from Mars.

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