Don’t just take my word for it.

Our Backyard 2

The top of a great post that’s all about Queensborough on a blog I’ve just discovered, called Our Backyard Tweed. Some very nice publicity (including a video of kayakers on the Black River) for our little hamlet!

You know how I’m always telling you that Queensborough is a remarkable place? Well, tonight I’m pleased to let you know about a voice other than my own that is saying exactly the same thing.

Thanks to our friend and neighbour Anne having shared it on Facebook, today I discovered a terrific post about our little hamlet on a blog I hadn’t heretofore known about, called Our Backyard Tweed ( The blog is an initiative of the Municipality of Tweed (of which Queensborough is a part), which recently adopted a tourism/marketing campaign that uses the slogan Our Backyard – for reasons I am not entirely clear on, but hey, I’m no marketing guru. (Also, don’t get me started on how “back yard” should not be rendered as one word. Would you write “frontyard”? But I am in the minority on this one – even the Canadian Press calls for “backyard.” Anyway, I digress. As usual.)

Right, so here is a link to the blog’s post on Queensborough, which arrived on the internet in late July.

What a nice post it is! The writer embarked on a drive up to Queensborough from Tweed one recent sunny summer day, took some lovely photos, and put together a fine writeup, complete with lots of historical information about our hamlet.

What’s especially nice about the post, though, is its acknowledgement of the pride that the people of Queensborough take in the place where they live:

Our Backyard

(From Our Backyard Tweed,

The post continues:

Our Backyard street signs photo

Made-in-Queensborough street signs. (Photo from Our Backyard Tweed)

“This is a community in every sense of the word.  As you cross the beautiful bridge, and see the beautifully kept hamlet[,] it becomes obvious the amount of pride the people of Queensborough have for their community, as well they should, because this is a beautiful piece of heaven … [Queensborough] is not content to just be ‘a hamlet.’  It is a destination, and [an] oasis of natural beauty.”

There are lots of great photos in the post, including one of the sign recently installed beside the Black River that outlines the history of Queensborough, and also one of our terrific new made-in-Queensborough street signs – complete with hanging basket of flowers. It makes one feel good to see such efforts, completed largely through the hard work of volunteers in the community, publicly recognized.

And also there’s this photo, which I love. I have to admit that I don’t (yet) know where in Queensborough this sign is posted, but really, it says it all:

Little bit of heaven

So hey, thanks, Our Backyard Tweed blogger (whoever you are) for spreading the word about – well, about our little bit of heaven!

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