New light on an old village

New streetlights in Queensborough

Did you know that it is hard, when you are a hopeless photographer such as myself, to take a good photo of streetlights? This one, using the “Noir” filter on my iPhone camera, was kind of the coolest (and, oddly, most accurate) way I could show the nice new white streetlights that we now have in Queensborough. Regular photos made the new lights look orange, just like the nasty old ones that they replaced.

Okay, I admit it: I am very excited about Queensborough‘s new streetlights.

People, I know what you’re thinking after having read that last sentence. You’re thinking that if such a mundane thing as streetlights gets me excited, I need to get a life. Perhaps that is true. But you know what? It doesn’t stop me from being excited!

We (i.e. we Queensborough people) heard a few months ago, via the local press’s coverage of the doings at the elected council of Tweed (the sprawling municipality of which our hamlet is a part) that new streetlights were coming. The new bulbs were to be more energy-efficient and would thus save the municipality money. But what I was enthusiastic about was that these environmentally friendly lights would give off a white glow, as opposed to the unpleasant orange light that came from the old ones, which probably dated back to the early 1980s. I didn’t like my pretty little hamlet being cast, come nightfall, in a weird orange 1980s-type glow.

When Raymond and I returned home, a week ago tonight, from our vacation down in Maine, pretty much the first thing I noticed was the new white-glowing streetlights. And I was impressed. They may not be perfect; regular reader The Great Gazoo has pointed out in a comment on my first Queensborough-streetlight-related post (which has a great and classic Blue Rodeo song attached, so it’s worth checking out) that they maybe spill too much light onto properties adjacent to them. But they are a whole lot prettier and better than the old orange ones.

They cast nighttime Queensborough in a good light – so to speak. And that makes me happy.

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