The things I left behind, 2014 edition

Oscar Mayer Weiner bank

I had to restrain myself from buying this classic coin bank, a reminder of one of the great advertising jingles of my youth. Sing along with me now: “Oh I wish I were an Oscar Mayer weiner…”

Perhaps longtime readers will recall that after our annual vacation in Maine last summer, I wrote about all the wonderful vintage stuff I found at a great antique warehouse that I did not buy (much to Raymond’s relief). At the time I wrote that post (which is here) I was feeling very proud of my restraint, let me tell you. Though as I read through it again just now, a year later, my main thought was, “Wow, what great stuff! I should have bought it!”

Anyway, I thought it might be fun to show you some of the finds I held back on this year during a visit to the same antique place. Will you come wallow with me in a bit of non-buyer’s remorse?

First, of course, there is the Oscar Mayer weiner bank at the top of this post. I would have loved to have had it, because I know it would have brought a smile to anyone who saw it on display at the Manse. But at $35, I decided: Maybe not.

Next, another bit of whimsy:

Man From Uncle gam

As I’ve written before, I loved The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (and its short-lived spinoff The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.) when I was growing up at the Manse. So you can imagine how excited I was to find this game based on the TV show, despite the rough shape it was in. Sadly, the game had no price tag attached, and when I inquired about it at the store’s front desk, they were unable to figure out which of their sellers it belonged to in order to find the price. So it remained behind. Perhaps I will be lucky enough to find The Man From U.N.C.L.E. game at a Queensborough-area yard sale one of these times.

All right, on to plumbing fixtures:

Pink sink

I loved the 1950s shade of this sink! I would like to have a pink sink. And besides, the Harvest Gold sink in the Manse’s only bathroom is in disastrous shape thanks to corrosion and whatnot, and badly needs replacing. And this pink sink was only $19. But Raymond said no. Very firmly. And since he is the one who would have had to install it, that was that.

Okay, let’s think about midcentury travel. Next/suivant, as we say in Montreal:

Train case

Remember the days of train cases like this one ? It made me think of my mum as a young single high-school teacher, travelling on weekends between Haliburton, Ont., where she worked, and her parents’ home in Toronto. When I was a kid at the Manse, she still had that light-blue train case. With the pockets and pouches for makeup and hairbrushes and whatnot. Lovely retro cool.

Now on to the big stuff, the furniture. Get a load of these classics:

Midcentury chairs

Gorgeous. But not only do we absolutely have no room for them at the Manse (oh, and of course had no room to transport them home from Maine in our overcrowded car) but…

Armchairs price tag

Right. Probably a fair price, but not a steal. For $349 you can have a lot of fried-clam platters and lobster rolls at oceanside restaurants during your Maine vacation. And probably have some cash left over for the outlets at Kittery. So again, I passed.

Okay, now for the clincher – proof that I can resist an awesome find not once but two years running. This classic piece of 1970s TV memorabilia, which I barely held back on last year when it was priced at $40-something, was still there, people!

Partridge Family paper dolls

Partridge Family paper dolls! And this year it was down to $30-something! How could I resist?

But you know what? I did.

I think I am beginning to figure out that having a photo of the desired funky midcentury object is almost as good as having the object itself. For one thing, it takes up a lot less room. And for another, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper.

Still – what female of my vintage wouldn’t want to dress Keith, Laurie and the rest in their red-velvet costumes? Regrets, I have a few…

2 thoughts on “The things I left behind, 2014 edition

  1. You’ve shown remarkable restraint, Katherine. I’m sure you’re having serious regrets about not getting The Man from U.N.C.L.E. game, though. I mean, you could wear your April Dancer/Agent 99 white coat when playing this!

    We had a couple of those Scandinavian-esque teak-esque chairs. Really comfy! And as for the pink sink, how often do you see one of those? Are you sure Raymond won’t come around and change his mind on that one??

    • I wish, Sash, but he seemed quite determined that we were not going to get it. (And it was only $19!) Also, for all I know – and keep in mind I know nothing about such matters – sinks come in different sizes and that one would not have worked in our bathroom. But it sure was a cool colour. As for those armchairs, yeah, my grandparents had a set of them too, and they really were comfortable.

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