Really, there is just no end to the excitement.

Mussed-up garden

I think a roaming animal might be behind the trampled-looking state of one section of our garden. Could it have been the cow (or cows) that caused some excitement in town this week?

A few days ago when I was out in the yard of the Manse, I noticed that some plants in the perennial garden looked like some creature had got into them. The leaves were all mussed up and flattened, as you can see in my photo. I wasn’t remotely worried about it – they’re just leaves, and the garden season is at an end – but I was curious as to what it might have been. Probably a dog, I imagined. But now, thanks to an amusing incident that I just heard about today, I am not so sure.

The amusing incident in question is one that I wish I’d witnessed, because let’s face it: unless you live on a farm, how often do you see a cow strolling past your house? But that is apparently what happened one recent day, as one or more bovines (I haven’t yet heard numerical details) escaped from whatever pasture they were supposed to be in and wandered into Queensborough. Just because they could, I suppose. Because my father had cattle on our family’s farm up in Haliburton County, I am well aware that cattle, given half a chance – or even a quarter of a chance – will find a fence opening, or bust through a fence, and wander to kingdom come.

What the cow, or cows, decided to do when they got to town was to gain entry to a property that borders directly on ours. The main sign of the intrusion was a broken gate; apparently the grass was greener in that property’s yard than anywhere else in the village.

Now, several people noticed the broken gate, but not a single person that I have so far spoken to actually saw the beast(s) wandering around. Which is a little odd, given that it’s rather hard to miss any activity in the streets of Queensborough, due to the general tranquillity of the place. Perhaps the cattle’s visit was in the middle of the night.

(“So,” you are perhaps asking yourself, “if no one saw them, how do you know it was cattle?” Well, I have the answer to that: there were hoof prints – and a little deposit they made on the property they chose to visit.)

But anyway, chances are very good, given the location of that property, that their journeying took them right past the Manse. And I just think it would have been hilarious to see cows passing by (or through) our yard. (Probably not nearly so hilarious for the farmer from whom they’d gone missing, of course.) Now that would have been something to capture on camera.

And now I’m wondering whether the disarray in the foliage in the yard might have been caused by something larger (and more interesting) than a roaming dog. I like to think it might have been The Cow Who Came to Town.

Really, there is never a dull moment in Queensborough.

2 thoughts on “Really, there is just no end to the excitement.

  1. Last Saturday morning Jos went to bring our car around to the front of the store he looked up the road to the white Church and saw a bunch of cows on the front lawn. You would think someone would have seen them by the time they reached the town. He then proceeded to try and locate the owners. Which he did. So you weren’t imagining it. We did have the cows that came to town. We also had this happen last year and the cows enjoyed very much the west side entrance planter boxes. But they were from a different field.. 🙂 All things are possible and yes as you say very exciting in Queensborough.

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