News you need: more details on the cows’ visit to town!

Cows come to Queensborough

Not the most recent visit of wandering cattle to Queensborough – but proof (from a previous year) that it does happen every now and then. That’s Queensborough’s historic former one-room schoolhouse (now the Queensborough Community Centre) in the background – which is almost as “downtown” as it gets in Queensborough. (Photo courtesy of Anne Barry)

I hope you’ll be pleased to know that I have an update tonight on what had been a slightly mysterious (to me, anyway; but then I’m easily mystified) visit of some cattle to downtown Queensborough. I reported on that visit in a post here, noting that, while it seemed to be the consensus in the village that a broken gate and some hoofprints and other telltale signs did come from one or more roaming cows, the odd thing was that no one, least of all me, seemed to have actually seen the roaming cows. And I wondered how that could have happened, because, you know, a band of roaming cattle is not something you think you’d miss if the roaming happened right in front of your house – say, the Manse.

Now, if you happened to see the comments section of that post, you’ll know that our team of Queensborough reporters (I of course include myself in that team, but there are lots of others) was on the job and was able to provide both confirmation and more detail. But in case you didn’t see the comment from our friend Marykay, here’s the skinny: the cattle were indeed spotted, by her husband, Jos – early in the morning, I gather – clustered on the lawn of the pretty and historic former Anglican Church (now a private home) at the east end of town. I guess they were enjoying a little nosh there before making their way up the street to the place where they felt they just had to bust down a gate to get onto another patch of nice green grass. (Jos, by the way, was able to track down and notify the cattle’s owner.)

Marykay also reported (and our friend Anne has confirmed, by means of the great photo at the top of this post) that this is far from the first time that cattle have visited our village. Apparently they also showed up last year (maybe from a different farm?) and enjoyed a fine snack amongst the greenery and flowers in the planter boxes around the “Welcome to Queensborough” sign on the east end of town before continuing on. (As it happens, both Marykay and Anne are members of the Queensborough Beautification Committee, which is responsible for those nice planters. Which, I might add, I noticed today have been seasonally spruced up very prettily with some pumpkins and other autumn touches.)

So there you have it: an eyewitness account, a precedent from past years, and a photo of a previous visit. What more could you want? Well, how about another piece of sleuthing (just call me Nancy Drew) suggesting that at least one of the cows did make it onto the Manse property?

Possible cow pie

I discovered this in a corner of our soaked-from-the-rain yard. What do you think: cow pie, or not?

As I wrote in that first post, I have some plants that look like an animal of some size may have tromped through them, and that was my first clue. But later, on pacing our little Manse acreage this past weekend, I came across something off in a far corner of the yard that looked distinctly liked rain-sodden cow pie. Again, as I did in my first post, I must stress that I am not in the least bothered by any of this; I find the whole thing highly amusing. But have a look at my photo and tell me: do you think we had a real live cattle visit?

6 thoughts on “News you need: more details on the cows’ visit to town!

  1. I guess that is why you had in the past those beautiful maple leaf fences to dot the manse. Not from people but from animal habituated accidents.. 🙂

  2. Just finished a half-hour of folding laundry (what passes for excitement in my Belleville evening), listening to CBC and discussion on the weighty issues of the world. What a delight to take a break and read this installment of MBM – the invasion of the planter snatchers – from blessed Q’boro. Hope your autumn is moving along as slowly as an investigative party of bovines (but guessing not). Hugs, L.

    • So nice to hear from you, Lindi! Unfortunately your guess is correct in regard to how the autumn is unfolding – that is, not at bovine slowness; would that it were, because I do love this time of year. The leaves are starting to look so beautiful! I’m glad you enjoyed reading about our latest bit of excitement in Queensborough. Never a dull moment!

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