Stuff that won prizes, and won me over, at the Madoc Fair

Madoc Fair 2014, Ann's prizewinning drawing

I am so proud to say that this is my old friend (and, truth be told, former babysitter!) Ann Roushorn Sexsmith with her prizewinning drawing of St. Andrew’s United Church in Queensborough. The highlight of this year’s Madoc Fair for me was when Ann, out of the blue, offered me that lovely first-place picture. Wow!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a week since this year’s edition of the Madoc Fair. I figured that tonight I’d better say what I have to say – or more to the point, show what I have to show – from the fair, or it will all recede into distant memory.

So first things first! The absolute highlight of the fair for me this year was running into Ann (Roushorn) Sexsmith, who once upon a time was a regular babysitter of my siblings and me here at the Manse. Now, it’s always nice to see Ann, but this time was special, because she was beaming with pride at having (very deservedly) won a first-place ribbon at the fair for her black-and-white drawing of St. Andrew’s United Church in Queensborough. (Ann has been a fine artist ever since I’ve known her, which is quite a considerable time.) She knew that, as a dedicated member of St. Andrew’s, I’d be tickled about the subject of her winning picture, and very kindly agreed to pose for a photo with it in the exhibition hall at the fairgrounds.

And then came the best part of all: Ann promised me the picture!

I was so touched by her kind and deeply meaningful gesture that I had tears in my eyes as I answered a heartfelt “Yes, oh yes!” to her question, “Would you like to have it?”

So before too long Ann’s picture will hang in a special place at the Manse. You know, I’ve said this before and I will say it again: Queensborough-connected people are just the best and most generous kind of of people.

As for the rest of the fair, well, Raymond and I had a delightful time perusing the exhibits and watching the horse pulls and chowing down on the kind of food that you only get at the fair. (Burgers cooked up by the volunteer fire department, and Grandpa Ellis taffy, and candy floss and whatnot). Fortunately for us we were there on Saturday, late morning and early afternoon, when the weather was terrific; later in the day Saturday and for most of Sunday the rain just teemed down and made things miserable.

Anyway, most of my photos from this year’s fair were from the aforementioned exhibition hall where Ann’s picture had taken first place. There were vegetables and flower arrangements and art and quilts and photographs and sewing and knitting and maple syrup and jams and jellies and so on and so on and so on. And I just loved it all.

I also was quite taken with this year’s edition of the petting zoo, something that of course is aimed mainly at the kids but that I always drag Raymond to because I love it. There were lots of animals in it this year, and they were so great! So yeah, I dragged Raymond in and he pretty much had to drag me out, because I could have spent hours laughing at the duck with the beehive hairdo, and cuddling the super-soft baby bunnies, and chatting with the friendly pig, and admiring the pretty baby goats and the miniature horses.

But: it’s goodbye to the fair until next year. Here’s a little memento, a showcase of the simple and good things that win prizes and make people happy on that very special weekend:


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