Colours and clouds

Scarlet tree and contrail, Queensborough Road

This is not the first time I’ve shown you a photo of this gorgeous-in-autumn maple tree on Queensborough Road at Moore’s Corners – the previous post is here – but I thought it looked especially interesting late Sunday morning, with the clouds and jet contrails behind it.

As you’ve probably heard already, the fall colours in our part of Ontario this year are absolutely spectacular. On a sunny day, something as simple as a drive from Queensborough to Madoc or – in the case of the topic of this post – Tweed can take your breath away.

Yesterday as Raymond and I made the abovementioned jaunt to Tweed – for an event that I’ll tell you more about in another post – we were doubly blessed: not only were there great colours, but there were amazing clouds. And so we stopped a few times and took a few pictures:

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Really, it just makes you glad to be alive to see and appreciate it.

4 thoughts on “Colours and clouds

  1. Hi Katherine, as soon as I saw the pic of the red tree, I knew just where it was located, I just rode by it today ( on my motorcycle) at about 2 pm, fantastic colours abound on Number7 and on the roads to Queensboro, as well as around the mill pond, really nice….have been through there twice in 2 days now, just perfect riding weather and scenery !!!

    • I totally agree, Bob, though I’m more of an expert on foliage and weather than on motorcycle riding. I saw a few motorcyclists go through Queensborough this past weekend, taking advantage of the prime conditions, and I bet you were one (or two?) of them. You should have popped over to the Manse!

  2. The trees look so gorgeous in these photos, Katherine, and the sky is sooooo blue. I’m so sorry I’m going to miss the foliage this year! Vancouver Island just can’t compete!

    • And my photos don’t begin to do justice to how beautiful the leaves have been this year, Valerie. Just amazing! I’m sorry you and the family aren’t here to see it this year, but – next year!

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