Does Molson the Kitten belong at the Manse?

Molson the Kitten

Here’s the ad that caught my eye, featuring Molson. Don’t you thinks he’s adorable? (Photo from the Central Hastings News)

Most weeks in the Central Hastings News, one of the three local weekly papers we get here at the Manse (the other two being the Tweed News and the Community Press) there is an ad from the local branch of a volunteer organization called the Cat Care Spay/Neuter Initiative. The ad features a photo and the story of one of the cats available for adoption (or, as they like to put it, for moving to a “forever home,” which I confess I find a tad saccharine).

Most weeks I, inveterate cat lover that I am, examine the ad with great interest. And sometimes I even point out that week’s candidate to Raymond, in a not-so-subtle suggestion that we might want to adopt a companion for our Sieste. (Whose adventures you’ve probably read about before here at Meanwhile, at the Manse; but should you require more information, you can find it here and here and here.)

Most times when I show him the Cat of the Week Raymond chuckles and immediately returns to his book, magazine or newspaper. The wordless message of the chuckle is, of course, “Why would we want another cat?”

Sieste at the doorway

Do you think Sieste would welcome the sight of Molson (and maybe his brother Turbo too) arriving at the front door of the Manse?

But I have to tell you that the photo of Molson, the kitten featured in last week’s issue, seemed to get to him. (As well as to me, of course.) Molson is a “tuxedo cat,” black and white like Sieste; and I think you’ll have to agree that he is cute as a button. And, according to his promotional writeup, “He will follow you around and loves to hide and jump out at you to surprise you. His playfulness is only surpassed by his cute and loving personality.” Now that’s pretty appealing! Even to Raymond.

No, I haven’t yet prevailed on him to give the good people (and cat rescuers) at the Cat Care Spay/Neuter Initiative a call. But here’s the thing that might really win him over: last week’s ad promised that this week we’d see a photo of Molson’s brother! Whose name is apparently Turbo.

Maybe Raymond is just holding out for a pair.

And on an important (though utterly unrelated) note: Don’t forget about the world-famous Turkey Supper at St. Andrew’s United Church in Queensborough tomorrow (Wednesday, Oct. 1) evening. It runs from 4:30 to 7 p.m., and you will enjoy a terrific old-fashioned church supper in the historic surroundings of St. Andrew’s. I hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “Does Molson the Kitten belong at the Manse?

    • Sadly, Jeannie, Raymond discovered when he contacted the cat people today that Molson and Turbo had already been adopted. But I think the very fact that he made the inquiry means we are on our way to acquiring some new young felines!

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