Thank you for joining us for the Turkey Supper!

Giant potato masher

I think this was my favourite thing at the Turkey Supper tonight: the world’s biggest potato masher, here wielded with two hands (as is pretty much necessary) by Lorraine Trotter. That potato masher has been in use in the St. Andrew’s United Church kitchen for time immemorial, I was told – and I certainly have no reason to doubt it.

Hey, it was great to see so many people – including some of you, dear readers – out at St. Andrew’s United Church in Queensborough this evening for our annual Turkey Supper. As I write this I am having a bit of trouble keeping my eyes open; it’s been a long day of, first, my day job, and then from 5 p.m. till just a few minutes ago helping out at the supper, and in particular with the cleanup. But there were quite a few people who worked even harder than I did today, volunteers who were at the church cooking and setting up and serving and then cleaning up from about 1 p.m. on. (Here I have to put in a word for my husband, Raymond, who, what with cooking a turkey, making gravy, helping with setup, and pouring tea and coffee all night, proved himself a worthy newcomer to the St. Andrew’s circle of dedicated workers.)

Anyway, the turnout was very good, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing so many old and new friends. And it was great to see how much people enjoyed their meal. I heard so many words of appreciation; it was really gratifying. This Turkey Supper of ours, something that’s been going on at St. Andrew’s for as long as anyone can remember, is a wonderful community tradition.

I was so busy that I really didn’t have time to take a lot of photos, but here are a few scenes:

A walk through the leaves to the Turkey Supper

This was the view on the sidewalk leading up the hill from the Manse to St. Andrew’s United Church as I headed to the Turkey Supper about 5 p.m. today. As I walked, I reflected on how long it had been since I’d enjoyed the pleasant feeling of shuffling my feet through fallen leaves; and also on how it was 40 years, probably almost to the day, since I last walked up that same hill (back in my childhood days at the Manse) to attend the Queensborough Turkey Supper. Forty years!

Lineup of cars

Cars were lined up all the way down Bosley Road to the Manse from the church up the hill, and there was a steady stream of new arrivals.

The men helping with the dishes

This is a scene you wouldn’t have come across back in my 1960s’ and ’70s childhood at the Manse: the men of the church helping out with the dishes. Times have changed – for the better!

Used numbers on the pulpit

I think this is a nice way to end my little “Turkey Supper Told in Pictures” story. These are tickets for the supper: little pieces of cardboard, each with a number on it, handed out when people arrive. You sit in the pews in the St. Andrew’s sanctuary and wait for your number to be called, and then go into the hall (the former Sunday School room) for the meal. Some of these tickets have been in use for probably decades. I liked coming across a bunch of those well-worn artifacts piled on the pulpit – the same pulpit that my dad used to stand behind on Sundays as the minister of St. Andrew’s. You can be sure they’ll be used again come spring, at the Ham Supper!

2 thoughts on “Thank you for joining us for the Turkey Supper!

  1. A great supper held in a great place. Katherine, thanks for inviting us followers of ” Meanwhile at the Manse” to the church thanksgiving supper, my wife and I enjoyed it very much, a full turkey dinner including dressing and salad, a table full of pies, followed up with church basement tea, served by our favourite Queensborough author and her husband. Then a nice drive home viewing the fall colours. What could be better that that? Bob McKeown, Stirling

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