The prettiest mailbox in Queensborough

Hudson's Bay mailbox

Given my love for the traditional Hudson’s Bay colours, I was surprised and delighted to come across this newly painted mailbox in Queensborough the other day.

I’ve always loved the Hudson’s Bay colours. Do you know what I mean by “Hudson’s Bay colours?” If you’re a Canadian, I expect you do. They’re the four stripes – navy, yellow, red and green, in that order – that you find on the famous and historic “point blankets” that are the signature product of the very famous and historic (dating back to 1670, if you please) Hudson’s Bay Company.

In recent years the people at Hudson’s Bay have sensibly taken notice of how iconic those stripes have become, and have set to marketing a whole line of products that use them. Not just the pea coats with the famous stripes that I – and perhaps you – remember from our childhoods in the 1960s and ’70s, but towels, tote bags, sneakers, cushions, Swiss army knives, mugs, teapots, oven mitts, dog collars – even canoes, for the love of Mike (as my grandmother would say), for a mere $7,500.

Oh, and playing cards. And candles. Both of which you can find here at the Manse:

Hudson's Bay candle and cards

Proof at the Manse of my fondness for articles done up in the Hudson’s Bay stripes: a pillar candle and a deck of playing cards. (Hey, and look closely and you’ll see the throw over the chesterfield in the living room in the background.)

Anyway, because of my appreciation of the history and beauty of those four coloured stripes, I was thoroughly taken by the recent paint job on a mailbox that one sees as one crests the hill leading into Queensborough on the western edge of town. (If you don’t happen to wend your way into Queensborough all that often, you can of course also see it in my photo atop this post.)

I am not sure I know the family to whom this mailbox belongs; and I certainly don’t know who gets the credit for the paint job. But I can say unreservedly that in my humble opinion, it is the prettiest and most elegant mailbox in town. And a fine addition to the local scene!

4 thoughts on “The prettiest mailbox in Queensborough

  1. Hi, we are the Lee family and we just purchased the small house just a couple doors from the community centre (where you found “the prettiest mailbox in town”.) Thanks so much for featuring us, maybe we will meet up soon!

    • Hi, Lisa – and wow, welcome to Queensborough! I hope to meet you soon. Any family that decides to paint their mailbox in those great colours is bound to be “good people,” as far as I’m concerned. I hope you will really enjoy your new home, and living in our marvellous little village. Where there’s never a dull moment!

  2. Wow really cool mailbox ! Was in Queensborough to visit family recently and seen that cool mailbox ! Very creative person that thought of painting a mailbox in Hudson Bay colours .

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