Name that flag! A challenge for you, from us here at the Manse

Mystery flag

Okay, I know you know the name of the cat in this photo – it’s Sieste, of course! – but can you guess what this flag, which you’ll see flying from the front of our house all day tomorrow, represents?

By now, regular readers will be familiar with Raymond’s penchant for using the Manse’s conveniently installed flag bracket to fly different national and regional flags for different occasions. If you live here in Queensborough you’ll know that what flies out front at the Manse most days is the Ontario flag, which we kind of adopted after moving here from Montreal. But, as I’ve reported before, on Dominon Day the Canadian flag comes out, on the Fourth of July the Stars and Stripes, on Quebec’s Fête Nationale (St. Jean Baptiste Day, June 24) the fleurdelisé, on Bastille Day the Tricolore, and so on. Why, Raymond even put up the Scottish flag, the Saltire, to mark the day of Scotland’s recent independence referendum. (And the day after that, in light of the failure of the independence push, the Union Jack flew from the Manse.)

For people happening by the Manse and pausing for a moment to note the different flags flying, the reasons behind them – generally to mark a significant date – have been (relatively) easy to guess. This latest flag challenge from the Manse, however? Not so much.

The flag that you see flying in the photo atop this post went up just as the daylight was dying out today; the mission was to have the new flag in place all day tomorrow, because tomorrow is the key to what that flag is. The only other clues I will give you are these:

One, the flag has something to do with Raymond’s heritage;

And two, it is a rare flag and was not easy to come by. When Raymond finally found this one, it had to be shipped from a long way away.

But it got here to us at the Manse (thanks to Jim, Queensborough’s friendly and ever-reliable UPS driver), and here at the Manse it will be flying all day tomorrow – Oct. 14, 2014.

Can you guess why?

10 thoughts on “Name that flag! A challenge for you, from us here at the Manse

  1. Well, that one is easy!!! It’s the Normandy flag no?!? Oct 14th is Guillaume the conqueror’s birth day. He would be 990 years old today.

    • Close! It is indeed the flag of Normandy (I should have known you would know, Justine), but the significance of the date is that Oct. 14, 1066, is when the Battle of Hastings began – the battle when William the Conqueror definitively conquered the English (and made sure “English” was from then on full of French words)!

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