Gorgeous north-of-7 autumn vistas, preserved for posterity

Officially, we have a long way to go until fall 2014 turns into winter 2014. But in my view – and I don’t think I’m alone in this – fall kind of turns a corner once most of the leaves have fallen and the beautiful foliage is, for another year, just a memory. Given the time I spent raking leaves from the Manse’s lawn yesterday and today, and the general drabness of the weather forecast, I think we have pretty much reached that point. From here on in, I fear fall is going to be about greyness, and increasing chill, and weatherstripping underneath the doors, and hunkering down for winter – and, oh yeah, getting the rest of those leaves raked up.

But I have something thoroughly lovely to cheer you all with before the glorious foliage of fall 2014 fades too far into the past. Thanks yet again to the hard work and keen eye for visuals that need to be preserved for posterity of my friends Terry and Eileen Pigden of Madoc (longtime proprietors of Centre Hastings TV, the Madoc cable channel, and tireless chroniclers of local history and happenings), I can share the video that’s at the top of this post. And if my many thousands of words’ worth of ramblings since the debut of Meanwhile, at the Manse haven’t convinced you that the Manse, and Queensborough, are in a very beautiful part of the world, I think Terry and Eileen’s video will do it.

This intrepid husband-and-wife team decided to take a drive around the area on the last day of September, and fortunately for us here in Queensborough, they opted to go north of 7 and follow the route of the Black River. So in their footage you will see scenes shot along Queensborough Road going north from 7, a bit east of their home base in Madoc, and then scenes of “downtown” Queensborough – including the Manse! – and then the trip along Bosley Road, which is the road that runs in front of the Manse.

Terry’s experienced eye as a photographer and videographer shows, as he captures way better than I have hitherto managed to do (though I tried here and here) the rural landscape in all its autumn beauty. What a lovely, lovely thing to have preserved on the internet!

I’ve written about Terry and Eileen’s great work more than once before (though notably here); they have visited our area so many times, and recorded so many special events. This time, though, it’s something simpler: just a lovely drive in the country. I continue to feel so grateful to them – and again, I am sure I am not alone in this – for the work that they do. The only thing as good as living in a beautiful place is having some talented people to showcase it for all the world (and posterity) to enjoy. Thanks, Terry and Eileen!

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