Happy Halloween, happy fall – and oh yes, happy time change!

Pretty fall display

This simple but beautiful fall display brightens my day every time I drive through the minuscule hamlet of Hazzard’s Corners. How nice it is that people take the time to make displays like this that make life more pleasant for us all!

Happy Evening Before Halloween from the Manse! I hope that you have got all your bags of goodies done up for the costumed youngsters who’ll be showing up at your door tomorrow night. I’ve just finished that task myself, and have to confess that preparing Halloween bags at the end of a very busy day at work, and in between those two things doing still more of the leaf-raking that the Manse yard demands at this time of year, has left me so tired that I can hardly keep my eyes open to write this. But what the heck: here are some random – though bound by a seasonal theme – thoughts before we all retire this evening.

First, since the weather reports threaten snow this weekend – which makes one realize that it won’t be long before fall slips into winter – I wanted to make note of a nice autumn thing before it’s too late. It’s the display that’s been on view for the past few weeks at a home in “downtown” Hazzard’s Corners, a hamlet even smaller than Queensborough that is just six kilometres west of us. You can see the display in my photo atop this post, though my photo doesn’t do justice to it. I just think that the combination of pumpkins and other gourds at the front door, and the still-bright marigolds in the flowerbeds, are simply perfect, and very pretty. And I’ve heard other people say the same thing. I don’t know the family that lives there, but every morning when I drive by this house on my way to work I silently thank them for a display that brings a bit of beauty to the start of my day.

Raymond on carving duty

Raymond is an excellent jack-o-lantern carver – as you can see!

Second: I am very excited about Halloween! Last year was my first Halloween in the Manse since I was 14 years old – not, as I like to stress, exactly yesterday – and I had a ball handing out bags of treats to the cute-as-a-button pandas and Spidermen and princesses who came around. (Details here.) We are all set for a repeat performance this year; Raymond has (as you can see in the accompanying photo) carved the jack-o-lanterns quite brilliantly yet again here in the Manse kitchen, so we’re all set.

And finally: isn’t it just splendid that this is the weekend when that hour of sleep that was stolen from us last spring in the switch to Daylight Saving Time (you don’t ever want to get me started on the foolishness of Daylight Saving Time) is finally given back?

Why, it makes the threat of snow seem like a mere piffle.

Anyway, happy Halloween and happy middle-of-autumn-heading-for-winter, folks!

4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween, happy fall – and oh yes, happy time change!

  1. here’s a crazy idea….why not turn the clocks back Friday night instead of Saturday night to give the people more time to adjust to the change. I realize that it might better apply to the spring when we LOSE an hour, but still…..

  2. I find the time change more challenging as I get older……….and try explaining the whole hot mess to a senior citizen dog!

    • I am with you, Jane, and the dog. Now my cat Sieste, on the other hand, adapts instantly. Yesterday (day of the 2015 switch to DST) and today she came yowling for her evening’s treats right at the same time as usual (7 p.m.ish), apparently having taken the forward time change into consideration. Oh, she is crafty and smart, that Sieste!

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