Frightfully inappropriate songs from back in the day

Well, my cross-country friend Earl has done it again: come up with a good suggestion for a Friday night musically themed post. And not just any musically themed post either; he’s worked in both Halloween (which of course is happening right now) and the news story that’s been the talk of Canada all week long. (Non-Canadians, if you’re unsure of what I’m referring to, Google “Jian Ghomeshi.”) Here, I’ll let Earl explain:

In Halloweenish honour of the week’s creepiest story, how about a call for catchy songs considered perfectly acceptable in the 1960s and ’70s that would now be considered ghoulmeshically chauvinistic or blatantly misogynistic?

And as an example, Earl send the video that’s atop this post, explaining: This is by THE GREATEST BAND EVER, but the only place you could get away with similar hateful lyrics today would be in the antediluvian antics of adolescent hip hop.

And you know, Earl’s right about the lyrics to Run for Your Life, a song with an incredibly catchy tune but truly horrific lyrics. In case you didn’t catch them on the video, or don’t know them already, here’s a sample:

Well I’d rather see you dead, little girl
Than to be with another man
You better keep your head, little girl
Or I won’t know where I am

You better run for your life if you can, little girl
Hide your head in the sand little girl
Catch you with another man
That’s the end, little girl

Well I know that I’m a wicked guy
And I was born with a jealous mind
And I can’t spend my whole life
Trying just to make you toe the line …

Let this be a sermon
I mean everything I’ve said
Baby, I’m determined
And I’d rather see you dead …

I have just one word: Yikes!

So yeah, since tonight’s the night for scary things, let’s see if we can drum up a few more wildly inappropriate (by today’s standards, which I like to think are generally pretty enlightened) songs from the Manse era, i.e. my childhood in this old house. Those years would be 1964 to 1975, and your challenge is to come up with some more nominees for the list. Oh, and let’s expand the criteria a little bit to include songs that – again, by today’s standards – would be considered wildly offensive to any group of people, not just women.

Like, for instance, this one, released by Loretta Lynn in 1969:

Now isn’t that a doozy?

Here’s another one that Earl drew to my attention recently. Once again, it’s pretty catchy, and it was pretty popular in 1968 when it was released. But have a close listen, and see if Gary Puckett‘s Lolita-ish topic doesn’t make your skin crawl:

Okay, for my smashing conclusion, I have one that proves that female singers could do as much damage as their male counterparts when it came to songs undermining the cause of women doing what was best for women, as opposed to whatever the hubby or boyfriend wanted them to do. It’s an all-time classic. Take it away, Tammy:

Now, folks: can you come up with some nominees for frightfully inappropriate songs that once upon a time we all just happily sang along with?

And as you’re doing so, why don’t we all be grateful that, while there’s an awful lot of things to be said for the good old days – like, for instance, that we were all a lot younger – there are some ways in which the world is better in 2014.

6 thoughts on “Frightfully inappropriate songs from back in the day

  1. Whoa, there are so, so many songs from that era that by today’s standards would be considered wildly offensive to any group. My vote; “They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!” recorded in 1966 by Jerry Samuels, recorded under the name Napoleon XIV. Those that know of it understand why it’s offensive. For those that don’t know it, I won’t ruin the surprise. Take a listen for yourself.

    • Absolutely unbelievable, Bert, and a fine choice for this very dubious distinction! I had never in my life heard this one before, and my eyes just got wider and wider as I listened to it. But as soon as I mentioned it to Raymond, he assured me he remembered it well. I imagine that everybody who does probably wishes they didn’t!

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