Lovely tall grasses, blowing in the wind. What are they?

Lovely grasses

These very pretty – and very tall – grasses are what caught my eye one recent day after I’d driven past them without noticing hundreds of times. On this particular afternoon, as they swayed in a fairly stiff wind under an intermittently sunny sky, they were particularly beautiful.

A few months ago, I wrote a post (it’s here) about how easy it is not to notice the simple but beautiful things that are a part of everyday life – like the wildflowers by the side of the road in springtime. I was reminded of that sentiment a couple of weeks ago when I suddenly noticed something that I’d blithely driven straight past hundreds of times before, even in the short time that I have been back living full-time a the Manse (as I did long ago, in my childhood).

It is a stand of some kind of tall, graceful grasses on the west side of Cooper Road, not far north of the village of Madoc. The day when I finally paid them some mind was a grey and lowering one with every now and then a bit of sun, and a fair wind blowing. These golden grasses were blowing in that wind (suddenly I can hear Bob Dylan’s voice) and, in one of those sudden sunny breaks, shining gorgeously against the contrast of the grey clouds behind them.

And I wondered: what are those grasses? Are they something native to the area? I don’t remember seeing them in my childhood here in Queensborough, but I’m no botanist (and certainly wasn’t in my childhood), so that doesn’t mean anything. Or are they something that some thoughtful person decided to plant and cultivate because they are interesting and beautiful to look at?

I want to say they might be prairie grass, but since I don’t have a clue what prairie grass looks like, that’s just a wild, random guess. But I know with absolute certainly who will know: you folks, the readers. Because at least one of you always comes up with the answer to my questions.

So as I continue to admire this small patch of graceful beauty on my daily drives to work – because once you actually have noticed something unusual like that, you tend to keep noticing it – I will be hoping that someone among you will tell me just what it is I am admiring.

Somehow, I suspect I won’t have long to wait.

3 thoughts on “Lovely tall grasses, blowing in the wind. What are they?

    • I don’t think it’s that plant, Bert, but you’re right – it’s hard to tell from both my photo and the photo accompanying the article you found. I certainly hope it isn’t invasive, because it’s awfully nice to look at!

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