As the days grow shorter, I am dreaming of beautiful lights

turquoise pendant lamp

I love this turquoise pendant lamp, and I am pretty sure I need it for the Manse. And in a slightly roundabout way, I have a reader to thank for steering me to it! (Photo – and lamp – from Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.)

Tonight I owe a big vote of thanks to reader Catri, who wrote in today to offer some seriously sensible advice on making a purchase offer on the retro turquoise bench of my dreams. Raymond and I are going to do exactly what she (I think Catri is a she) suggests, which you can see in her comment here. But I owe Catri thanks for another reason: because her name rang a good-design bell in my overcrowded and overtired head, and after doing a tiny bit of exploring in the back pages of Meanwhile, at the Manse, I came across a company she’d brought to my attention (thanks to one of her comments, on a post here about turquoise kitchen appliances) that sells the most gorgeous lighting fixtures. As a result I’ve spent more time than I should have today thinking about gorgeous lighting fixtures, but hey, that’s a fun thing to think about!

The company in question is called Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co., and I believe it is based in Portland, Ore. Its website is here, and I just dare you not to drool when you go there. While I was looking primarily at lamps (as is attested to by the photo at the top of this post), I got sidetracked by some great metal stools that I am now highly desirous of for the Manse’s kitchen…

great kitchen stools

Industrial-style stools in a shade called Sergeant, from Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.

… and also by something utterly whimsical, keychains done in retro-motel style:

Motor Lodge keychains

Great for people such as myself who have a hard time keeping track of keys! (Photo from Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.)

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, lights. So there is the one at the top of the post, which of course caught my eye because it comes in turquoise – though you can also get the shades for the lights in other great colours (like red), you can have different finishes (i.e. not brass, which I am not crazy about) on the hardware, and you can get a version that has three lights:

And then there is this pendant lamp…

light-bulb pendant lamp

… which I adore because I like industrial style (as I’ve mentioned before, notably here and here) and also because it is perhaps a more reasonable (and reasonably priced) version of the fancy-pants lights (with crystal bulbs, if you can believe it!) that I wrote about here. The Schoolhouse bare-bulb light (its official name is Apartment Pendant) is deliberately retro-industrial style, right down to the braided cord and the Bakelite plug. People, I am in love with this light. I need half a dozen of them. Hanging over the counter in our beautiful renovated Manse kitchen. Lighting up the spot where guests, sitting on those Sergeant-green industrials stools (and admiring my industrial Westclox clock) will be sipping apéritifs while Raymond and I bustle around preparing a wonderful dinner.

Ah, renovations. And the things that go with them, like beautiful pendant lights. The stuff of Friday-night dreams, here at the Manse.

2 thoughts on “As the days grow shorter, I am dreaming of beautiful lights

  1. I am blushing! You’re very welcome for the advice, I hope it works out. I owe you thanks as well, I thoroughly enjoy checking in here to see what’s new at the manse and appreciate you sharing your experiences. I hadn’t visited the Schoolhouse Electric website in some time. Does it seem that they’ve diversified more recently, or was I just so fixated on light fixtures that I missed how very much other good stuff they carry? I may have to find some time this weekend to have a thorough look!

    P.S. You are correct, I am a she. 🙂

    • Catri, thank you in turn for your kind words about Meanwhile, at the Manse. Yes, it seems to me that when I first looked at Schoolhouse Electric (thanks to you) it was primarily about light fixtures, but now there’s a lot of other great stuff. I just love those retro motel-style keychains!

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