Here is what the Manse needs next.

Vintage step stoolyellow step stoolIf you’re of my age, or somewhere around it, I just know you’ll remember the step stool in the photo above. (A photo, by the way, which I came across thanks to the entertaining Facebook group called 1960’s and 1970’s Advertisements.) I am fairly sure that once upon a time (the 1960s or so, when I was growing up here in the Manse) pretty much every household had one. My maternal grandparents had a yellow model at their home in the leafy Toronto suburb of Leaside, though somehow I don’t think it made the trip with them to Peterborough when my grandfather retired and they moved there. (More’s the pity, because then it might still be in the family and I might be able to get my hands on it.)

red step stoolAnd if I’m not mistaken – and I shall count on my cousins to correct me if I am – my Uncle Philip and Aunt Genevieve had a red model in their farm kitchen outside the Lindsay-area hamlet of Reaboro.

But for some reason we Sedgwicks didn’t have one at the Manse in Queensborough. And by gum, now that I am back in this house, I want one.

Those stools were great! Good design: they were reasonably comfortable to sit on, with steps that allowed even a kid to climb up easily, and for the sitter to rest his or her feet on once ensconced in the seat. The steps also folded away when not needed, which was quite handy for saving space in those midcentury kitchens that were often considerably smaller than ours are today.

Also, they looked good. And came in many colour options. (I love things that come in many colour options. As you will know if you read my post last night about our plans for a new wood-burning stove.)

And finally, I need one of those step-stools because the way the Manse kitchen (pre-renovation) is laid out, there’s only room for one of us – either Raymond or me – to fit into the pantry and do the cooking, and if the other one wants to hang out there and chat with the chef – possibly, just possibly, with a glass of wine in hand – that person needs a stool to sit on!

So I guess the next mission is for find me one of those vintage step stools to add to the Manse’s decor. Anyone got one that they’d like to get rid of?

4 thoughts on “Here is what the Manse needs next.

  1. You’re on the right track–aforementioned Uncle Philip and Aunt Genevieve, my parents, had a yellow version in the kitchen…and it’s still there! Like everything when you’re a kid, we took it for granted, but it really is a pretty amazing thing. Great design and a boon for younger kids to be able to sit up higher in the world!

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