Here is what the Manse does NOT need next.

Macrame booksOkay, so yesterday I told you about the next great vintage thing I need to acquire for the Manse, which is one of those folding-steps step stools that everybody used to have back when I was a kid. Today I’ve come across another ubiquitous mid-20th-century phenomenon, but this is one that I most definitely do not need a sample of as part of our home decor.

People, it is macramé. And to all you macramé fans, I apologize in advance. But I never did like that knotty handicraft, even back in the day when all the gals were doing it. And I certainly don’t like it now.

I was reminded just this evening of how bad macramé could get when used for home decor. How did I come across this reminder? By stumbling across a vintage treasure at the Tweed Public Library!

Raymond and I were there for the latest instalment in the Friends of the Tweed Library‘s excellent meet-the-author series, this one featuring a most interesting talk and some readings by Roy MacSkimming, who discussed his historical novels Laurier in Love and Macdonald. Because we got there early, I had a chance to browse through the ever-present rack of used books for sale at the library, and was thrilled to find some early-1970s-era knitting and macramé pattern books. Remember when your mum used to have those on hand? Of course you do. Well, actually, my mum had the knitting books, but she never (thank goodness) got into macramé.

Anyway, the macramé books that I found this evening (you can see the covers in the photo atop this post) showed such godawful creations that I just had to have them. Those photos take me straight back to about 1974, when you couldn’t escape that stuff.

Oh, but before I share a couple of the cunning and useful knotty designs, I’ll show you one other reason why I picked up these books, aside from the macramé memories. Get a load of this original price sticker:

Simpsons-Sears price tag

Simpsons-Sears! Bet it’s been a while since you saw one of those.

Anyway, here’s one ghastly thing you can do with macramé, according to my new acquisitions. Hey, would wouldn’t want a macramé lampshade?

Macrame lampshade

But the best, the absolute best, is this one. Get ready for it, people… It is… wait for it… a macramé wine rack! In a great shade of 1970s burnt orange!

Macrame wine rack

Dear lord. But anyway, should you wish to craft a macramé wine rack of your very own, just come on over to the Manse. I’ve got the instructions.

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