In which I stumble upon some classic kitchen chairs.

Great kitchen chairs 1

Part of the eclectic mix of midcentury dinette-set chairs that are in great shape and still in service at the Hart’s-Riggs Women’s Institute Hall.

Not too long ago I told you (that post is here) about some nifty things I learned, notably about the Women’s Institute, thanks to having been invited to be the guest speaker at the November meeting of the Hart’s-Riggs W.I. It was a most pleasant evening in the company of some women I’ve known almost all my life, and of others whom I’d never met before – all of them residents of the Hart’s-Riggs area (not far from Queensborough) doing good work through the W.I.

I have to tell you, though, that another highlight of the evening was seeing the fantastic collection of well-preserved midcentury kitchen chairs in the Institute hall. Knowing as you surely do my love for midcentury design, I am sure you can imagine how my eyes bugged out with delight when I caught sight of those 20 or so chairs. I didn’t want to make a spectacle of myself by taking a whole lot of photos, but I hope you can tell from the two here that the chair coverings were a great mix of patterns and colours. Here’s another shot, which also shows off the lovely old wainscotting at the hall:

Great kitchen chairs 2

My guess is that over the years members of the Hart’s-Riggs W.I. have donated these chairs for use at the hall when they were replacing the 1950s and ’60s-era dinette sets – remember dinette sets? – that had been in their own family kitchens. It all looked just wonderfully homey. And the chairs are extremely comfortable, as I discovered when we all sat down for a light lunch at the close of the meeting.

You know, it’s just like the W.I. to do something sensible and thrifty with nice old chairs, like re-use them in their meeting hall. Well done, folks!

4 thoughts on “In which I stumble upon some classic kitchen chairs.

  1. Yes, but did they have the tables with the life-threateningly sharp doodads underneath where under-the-table hangers-out such as myself suffered many a bruised noggin?

    Man, those chairs do take one back, don’t they? Ours were a green floral if I’m not mistaken.

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