Please come to Boston

As regular readers know, I rather like turning Friday nights (best night of the week!) over to musically themed posts. It saves you nice people from having to read too much of my ramblings, saves me from having to write too much of said ramblings, and with any luck leaves us all humming a few bars.

The subject – or rather, song – of tonight’s musically themed post came to me one night last week, when I was sitting right here in the Manse’s dining room, working as usual on Meanwhile, at the Manse, but also getting ready to fly down to Boston the following day to join Raymond, who had driven down ahead of me, and his New England family for U.S. Thanksgiving. (For those who don’t know, Raymond is a native of Lowell, Mass., and his siblings and their families all live in that area.)

So there I was, feverishly working to finish that night’s blog post so I could move on to packing and getting organized to go to Boston the next day, when a song came into my head. A song that was a monster hit and was inescapable, utterly inescapable – on car radios, on transistor radios, on the cafeteria jukebox at Centre Hastings Secondary School – back in 1974 and 1975, the final years of my childhood life here at the Manse. And I realized that, despite all the Friday-night musically themed posts that I have done here – some of which have been about songs that were inescapably popular in the 1960s and 1970s – I had never once mentioned Please Come to Boston*.

So here it is – at the top of this post, in a live version by its writer and performer, Dave Loggins; and, if you’re nostalgic for the original single, the song we all both loved and could not get away from back in the mid-1970s, well – voilà. Play it again, Dave:

* Correction/addendum, one day later: in fact I had mentioned Please Come to Boston once before! It was in one of the very posts that I linked to in this one, the one about the greatest hits that were on the cafeteria jukebox at Centre Hastings Secondary School back in my days there. Please Come to Boston got more play than almost any other song on that jukebox in those mid-’70s days, and thanks to its ubiquity back then became – for me and many others, I am sure, judging by a comment that my friend Lindi has left on this post – an earworm as soon as its name is mentioned. Now here’s my penance/gift to you for making that error: another mid-’70s earworm! Can you say “Fleetwood Mac, Dreams“?

6 thoughts on “Please come to Boston

  1. Oh, no! Instant ear-worm! I didn’t even have to play the video, the song is completing itself in my brain as I type this (words and music!) Thanks for this post Katherine, and for so many others that cherish little bits of a sweeter simpler life so long past. Happy happy Friday…and how many sleeps ’til Christmas break?

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