So NOW he tells me.

Bathroom December 2014

A corner of our very humble (though large) bathroom at the Manse – for which, I discovered when it was probably too late, Raymond had a vision of an amazing vintage-themed breakfast nook.

Usually Raymond serves as my editor and proofreader before I put up posts here at Meanwhile, at the Manse, but occasionally he’s not around or is busy with other things so I just go ahead and merrily send my deathless prose (not) out to the internet without his two cents’ worth. Such was the case with last night’s post about the amazing midcentury turquoise dining booth that we decided not to buy when we finally saw it in person. Should you have not seen that post, or want a refresher on what that remarkable article of furniture, discovered in a Haliburton County antique barn, looks like, here it is, one more time:

Beautiful turquoise bench

So anyway, a short while after I’d announced to you all last night that we had decided we could live without that very cool piece of furniture (and perhaps could find better uses for the substantial amount of money it would have cost us), Raymond did read my post.

And kind of said, “Oh! Well, I’d been thinking about that, actually.” (Buying the turquoise dining booth, I mean.)

Uh-oh, says I to myself. Am I going to have non-buyer’s remorse after all?

Here’s what Raymond had been thinking, without thinking to mention what he was thinking.

Pantry December 2014

Raymond making dinner this evening in our ridiculously small pantry/cooking area, which might better serve as a bathroom.

He’d been thinking that a suggestion I had casually made a while back about remodelling the kitchen area of the Manse was quite a good one. (Raymond thinking that one of my design ideas is a good one is a first, by the way.) That idea was this: that we transform the house’s one and only bathroom – which, as I’ve written before, is wildly oversized and idiosyncratically located immediately inside the front door on the ground floor – into an extension of the kitchen area; and that we transform the current small pantry, where the trusty vintage Harvest Gold stove and (weirdly) the washing machine reside – along with the kitchen sink and the sum total of all our kitchen-cupboard and counter space – into a downstairs bathroom. (With at least one more bathroom upstairs, because as we all know, you can never have too many bathrooms.)

So yeah, Raymond had been mulling this plan, thinking it was quite a good one, and – get this – had worked the turquoise dining booth into it! As he proceeded to show me, he envisioned its short end along the wall where the vanity (and Harvest Gold sink) now stand in the bathroom, and the long part against the back wall. Take a look at my photo at the top of this post and you should be able to picture it yourself; the long part of the turquoise bench would be facing you with the short part along the wall to your left. With the nice big window that’s in the left foreground of the photo opened to let in the sunlight (as opposed to shuttered to the front porch as it currently is, the room being a bathroom and all), this would make a brilliant breakfast nook, he suggested.

And you know, it would.

But I’ve probably gone and blown our chances of making that happen by revealing to the world where this treasure is being offered for sale; for all I know, it’s already been snapped up. Should Raymond have mentioned this idea to me a little earlier? Well, you can be the judge of that.

Still, I can console myself with the fact that we’re nowhere near ready to start ripping up and renovating the bathroom or the pantry, which means that if the Turquoise Marvel were ours, we’d have to find someplace to put it. Which would probably be right smack in the middle of the kitchen floor; which in turn would be crazily inconvenient.

Also: I still feel kind of rich as a result of not having laid out the money for it.

But regrets? Yeah, I now have a few. Is it too late to change my mind?

12 thoughts on “So NOW he tells me.

  1. The colour is right, the era is right, but it’s just not ….well, cozy enough for the home you two will make when the remodelling is complete, I’m thinking . Could you see your friends sitting there while Raymond feeds them?
    But what do I know? If you go buy it tomorrow, I will applaud your decision.

    • Still very much on the fence, Lindi. I know what you’re saying, but if it were just the breakfast nook – the place for coffee and reading the newspapers in the morning sun – and other meals were prepared and served in more formal parts of the Manse kitchen/dining room, I think it could work. Or do I? Lord, I am all at sixes and sevens!

  2. Go for it! Changing those two rooms is not a real big deal. You have the perfect carpenter just around the corner. Make it your Christmas gift to each other. I really think the kitchen should be in the big room and you always have the summer kitchen for your laundry room. (If heated).
    You will regret it forever if you don’t buy it. Trust me, I know.
    Nancy Lou

  3. ’bout time this friggin’ blog started talkin’ about reno. Buy the damn thing, get your washing machine out of your kitchen, your dryer out of your dining room, your bathroom out of your kitchen, your dining room out go your living room… you get the idea. I’m doubtful there has been a rush to the Lambs and Ivy in spite of your plug on the world wide witchcraft.

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