I’ll be home for Christmas

2014 Christmas tree at the Manse

Our 2014 Christmas tree, a lovely tall balsam. I hope longtime readers will also appreciate the curtains in our living room – the very same ones that adorned those old windows back in the 1960s when I was growing up here!

It’s been a busy, busy day, my friends, and I am weary; and so I am going to write a very brief post – featuring little more than a photo of the 2014 Manse Christmas tree, erected today. It’s a beautiful fresh balsam that makes the house smell good and Sieste the cat mildly curious. And as of just a few minutes ago, when Raymond and I finished the job, it is decorated with all the ornaments we have collected over years of travelling and seeking out decorations that will remind us of the places we’ve been. There’s a miniature lobster trap from Maine, a little toboggan from Montreal, a string of ceramic garlic found on Beacon Hill in Boston, a bright red cardinal from Port Hope, Ont., a miniature ceramic tuxedo cat (like Sieste) from Burlington, Vt., and even a lone star from Galveston, Tex. Every ornament tells a story!

But the best part is that the place where they’re telling their stories is right here at the Manse, our cozy home in perfect-Christmas-village Queensborough, which as of this evening – what with all the decorating and ornaments pulled out of storage and whatnot – is just one Christmassy house, let me tell you. And appropriately, the Christmas tree is, as always, right in the same corner where it (almost) always used to be when I was a kid growing up in this very same Manse.

As Raymond and I were finishing the tree-trimming, good old Bing Crosby was crooning away on a CD in the background: “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.”

And we are!

2 thoughts on “I’ll be home for Christmas

  1. Katherine I wasn’t going to mention the curtains but since your did, I will tell you that was the first thing I noticed. You are so fortunate to be able to return to your childhood home, many times I wish I were back in Queensborough and had we not been so old when Bobbie died I am sure we would have seriously considered buying the big house and moving back, but at our age it would not have been a wise choice. That is one thing Bobbie always had in the big house was a real tree and Rob is like her, nothing but a real tree at Christmas.

    • That’s so funny that the (highly vintage) curtains are what caught your eye, Barb! I will say that moving back to an unrenovated childhood home is a bigger challenge than I realized when we bought this place, and I think you folks made a wise and sensible choice. But I can never tell you how much I appreciate your insights into the choice I made – and I hope you know that we would love to have you come revisit your Queensborough past right here at the Manse any time at all!

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