The Peanuts band: best Christmas ornaments ever

Peanuts at Christmas, on the lawnA dear friend of my family has these amazing and beautiful Christmas ornaments on the lawn, and I wanted to share them with you because – well, because I am sure they will make you happy. Of course you know what they are: the Peanuts gang, performing that great bit of jazzy Christmas music from A Charlie Brown Christmas that we all grew up with. (And of course because we all grew up with it, we all also love the sad-sack Charlie Brown Christmas tree.)

In my view, these are the best Christmas lawn ornaments anyone could ever have. And let me add that my search for a set of my own starts right now. (eBay, here I come.)

Oh man: these beloved Peanuts characters, with a spotlight on them, on the Manse lawn: would that not be great? As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, the Christmas lights at many of the homes in Queensborough are pretty spectacular. But if we had this Peanuts gang, which I think I’m safe in saying is beloved by everyone, Raymond and I just might have a Christmas display that people would make a pilgrimage to see. Yet another reason for people to visit Queensborough!

The search for those Peanuts characters for our lawn, for next Christmas, is on. Got any tips? Please send ‘em in!

4 thoughts on “The Peanuts band: best Christmas ornaments ever

    • I agree totally with Jan. But I just wanted to mention Katherine that you were looking for those candy canes. Well I think you might travel #62 hyw to and from work and when you come home one evening take a look at the wagon displayed on Danford Construction property, left hand side just past the welcome sign to Madoc. Also when entering Tweed coming from Belleville just over the hill where you would see the Duffers Chip Wagon on the opposite side take a look. 😉 The Candy Canes are still around. I see them often through the villages and homes.

      • Thank you, mk! Now that you mention it, I totally realize that I’ve seen those candy canes on the Danford Construction wagon – I just didn’t put two and two together. I also know the spot you’ve mentioned in Tweed, though hadn’t been observant enough to see the candy canes there. But now I will find them!

    • Excellent suggestions, Jan, but the Peanuts characters were a gift to our friend, so their provenance is unknown. (Though I’m working on it!) But what an interesting connection you made betweenmy two most recent posts: yes, the COPE folks who once (“all those years ago,” as the CHEX guy put it) made the delightful wooden candy canes maybe could make and sell Peanuts Christmas lawn ornaments!

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