Cutest Christmas decoration, locally sourced

Santa's clothesline

Santa’s clothesline, my new favourite Christmas decoration at the Manse. Found at the Old Hastings Mercantile, one of the best-ever Hastings County gift shops.

Well you just can’t believe how late I am doing my post tonight, people! It has been a busy day with friends and tasks and whatnot and – well, Christmas is a busy time, is it not? (“Too busy!” I hear many of you say in the background. To which I say: “I concur!” Or, well, wait a minute; when has anyone since about 1925 ever uttered the word “concur”? But anyway, you know what I mean.)

But be that as it may, tonight’s very late-night post features possibly the cutest-ever Christmas ornament, a very sweet thing that Raymond and I discovered (and decided that we had to have) on our most recent visit to what is perhaps the best gift shop in all of Hastings County, the Old Hastings Mercantile. It is called Santa’s Clothesline, and it features all of Santa’s clothes hung out to dry (in those frigid North Pole climes, so the drying is going to take a while; they’ll probably freeze before they dry) after he returns home from his Christmas Eve duties. Note that there are suspenders, and hat, and jacket, and two sets of mitts (you need two sets of mitts when it’s really cold) and two sets of socks (ditto), and a very nice cozy sweater to wear under the jacket. All red! (As befits Santa.)

It is a sweet and happy Christmas thing, the kind of decoration that makes you smile every time you look at it. And since smiling and happiness are a critical part of Christmas, well, I have to say: God bless us, every one!

4 thoughts on “Cutest Christmas decoration, locally sourced

  1. Katherine, thank you so much for your lovely blog posts on Ormsby. Your words on The Dickens & Dinner capture everything that my brother had in mind when he created the event. And being preoccupied a lot of the time this month with a little thing called ‘The Nutcracker’, I didn’t realize that the little clothesline I found at the last gift show is gone. Maybe I should have ordered more than one! Hopefully one day we’ll be able to write something about a visit to some business enterprise in our more beautiful, bigger sister hamlet of Queensborough! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.

    • And a very merry Christmas to you and Lillian, Gary! I have to say that, even though we’ve only been living full-time in Hastings County for a relatively short period, it has already become mandatory to have a visit to Ormsby before Christmas seems like Christmas. (They could make a movie out of this.) We too hope that someday soon in Queensborough there will be a commercial venture as brilliant as what you folks have put together in Ormsby. God bless us, here in rural Ontario, every one!

    • Ah yes! The theory (which I totally get is based in science) that you can dry clothes on the line even in very cold temperatures. To which I can only humbly say: I am very thankful for electric clothes dryers…

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