Times long gone: here are the visuals.

Classrom script

Do you remember this? Probably not, if you’re below the age of 50 or so. But back in the days when I started school (at Madoc Township Public School), every elementary-school classroom had this script posted at the front of the room, to remind us how to make our letters. (Mind you, I believe the rules have changed since them on capital Qs.) Hey, do the kids of 2014 even know how to make letters anymore? Or do they just type?

“If you are under 55, you simply won’t understand,” read the top of a recent email I received from a local friend. It then proceeded to show a whole bunch of photos that, one after the other, kind of made you whack your forehead with the heel of your hand and say, “Good God! I had totally forgotten about that!” Or: “Oh, man, that takes me back!”

In other words, I did recognize what was in those pictures. (And I can say that even though I’m under 55 – though just barely.) But I am pretty certain that anyone not many years younger than I would have been utterly bemused by them.

I used one of those photos in a recent post I did about the days when Christmas trees were laden with tinsel, and in that one I promised to follow up with more of those entertaining and very much of-their-time photos. So since we’re finished Christmas and approaching Auld Lang Syne time, when we tend to look back at the past even as we look forward to a new year, I thought you might enjoy this little trip down memory lane. Oh, and if you don’t know what some of the photos are: just ask anyone over 55.

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4 thoughts on “Times long gone: here are the visuals.

  1. Wow! How much fun was THAT!?! I knew every item, possessed or used almost all of them. And further to your musing about whether the kids of 2014 know how to make letters, today I phoned my son’s place on the landline so that we could wish our grandson a happy 8th birthday. His dad put the phone on speaker and we heard him explaining to the little guy that this phone wasn’t like his cell phone and had to be held differently, with one end of the phone to his ear and the other by his mouth. Fancy that!

    A very Happy New Year to you and Raymond, and best wishes for a wonderful 2015.

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